Memory Keepers – CREATIVE Ideas for capturing family memories

Keep the Memories – Share the Stories

Scroll down and see the ideas that I shared at the Genealogy convention.

Creative Ways of preserving your memories – the stories YOU remember and the stories of others.

FIRST PICTURE: Tea Cups that my Grandmother gave me to play with as a child. SECOND PICTURE: Images of my Grand parents and a telegram that was sent to her mother when they were married.

Oh the possibilities of this project! 

This project was originally created for the members of my art club. I wanted to create a unique way to make and keep a personal journal. 

 In the process, I began seeing all the other possibilities; such as, a way to share some of the treasured memories of family members.

Hence the name, MEMORY KEEPER.  You can create a place for holding stories, thoughts, and pictures of members in your family. 

In this digital class I take you along with me, step-by-step as I apply collage and paint to create this shoe.   

A Shoe for My Father

This shoe was found in a second hand store. It reminded me of what my father use to wear. Pictures of different events in his life have been collaged around the shoe, with a painted scene of the mountains where he use to live.

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