Art is a magnet for joy and positivity.

Let Your Creativity Flow.

Enjoy a retreat from chaos through the adventure of Mixed- Media art.

Art’s calming influence reconnects you to your own Happy rhythm and feelings of Joy.

(Artist Unknown….Animation from Gifer)

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Are you feeling a little stuck?

Well let’s change that!

“Creativity comes from the heart…it doesn’t come from the brain. I think we get that confused. Our tendency is to over-think things.

But, if you will step back and allow the creative (right) side of your brain to take over; as well as tune into the impressions that are felt in your heart, you will feel the calming influence that art offers.

When I allow myself to STOP over-thinking, retreat from the mental chatter of perfection and just have fun, I feel happy and invigorated from my own personal creative retreat .” Cathy

Welcome to my little corner on the internet.

I am Cathy Freeman

I graduated with an Art Degree and worked with a large firm in Dallas, Texas. Life has a way of opening other doors, and those doors led to training for addressing anxiety and managing emotional stress.

For the past 18 years I have helped women take on new perspectives that opened their minds up to a new world of possibilities.

Here I share many of those simple tools along with my Mixed-Media Journaling as a creative practice for feeling more relaxed and keeping those creative juices flowing.

Creative expression gives a voice to all emotions…the happy, the angry, the sad, and everything in-between. The mind builds resilience and power over stress by immersing in a creative process.

This my friend, is the journey of the Adventurous Creatives

Taking a few moments each day to bring out the artist inside… whether through art it self, or other forms of creativity, is a wonderful way to relieve stress and motivate actions that bring a Positive Change in your life.

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The Adventurous Creatives

I personally love all expressions of art. Art is an expression of feeling. When one creates, in whatever form of creativity that is comfortable for them, they are on a journey of expressing their inner emotions.


“I LOVED watching you paint and talk about your artistic process. Your manner is so friendly and encouraging that it gives me the confidence to try it myself!” Donna Nielsen

Words from someone who has never experienced creating art. “My first art journal page thanks to Cathy Freeman! Thank you Cathy for your sweet and patient voice!” Kim Cain Brush

Have some fun and come visit the Real Positive Change Village

As a visitor you can access many free classes in the library. The focus topics are to give information and support on a variety of things that could be causing emotional stress.


DID YOU KNOW…The feeling of Wellness is determined by the level of Your RESILIENCE ? Resilience is your ability to quickly bounce back from failure, adversity, rejection, criticism, tragedy, setbacks, stress, etc.

Art Journaling is a way to empty our own personal tear-bottle.

Ask yourself, when something goes wrong, do you tend to bounce back or fall apart?

How strong is your bounce back?

Take this quick assessment & check your Resilience level.

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