Cathy Freeman Art – Create joy and positivity through ART.

Let Your Creativity Flow.

Yes, life can be hectic; but you can Enjoy a retreat from the chaos through the adventure of Mixed- Media art.

Art’s calming influence reconnects you to your own Happy rhythm and feelings of Joy.

(Artist Unknown….Animation from Gifer)

My Art Sisters – Join an Online Mixed Media Creative Club. Each month I offer new project in the library…giving the sisters an opportunity to pick and choose what sparks their interest for the month.

You can find Everything Easy to find in our Virtual Campsite. We have…

All classes are recorded and you can access 24/7.

3 new classes each month
Private Facebook Group
Instant access to a library of past classes
Downloadable templets
Challenges and Prizes
Plus Zoom meetings to connect.

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And as a bonus, My Art Sisters are given Free access to THRIVE – my new self-care DIY program, as well as the PROJECT OF THE MONTH.

$27.00 per month

Project of the Month Club
is a creative membership that fits
your schedule to reduce the stress
of overwhelm in life.

Participate as much or as little as
you wish, whenever you choose.
Follow Cathy’s step-by-step videos
anytime of the day because Your
classroom content is available 24/7.
A new project will be loaded into
your Library at the beginning of
each month.  Your library will
contain 12 projects at a time.
Join our private facebook group
Cathy and your Art Sisters will be
just a click away whenever you
need support.


20.00 per month

Thrive – Positive Thought by Design.
Chronic Stress can increase your risk of developing depression, impacts negatively your immune system, and increase your risk of developing cardiovascular disease. Dr. Debra Sullivan explains, “Stress can also leave a mark on your face. Dry skin, wrinkles, acne, and teeth grinding are just some of the ways that it can manifest itself. This is a creative journaling process that targets eliminating stress and its effects. THRIVE Positive Thought by Design focuses on decluttering the mind of these thoughts that create stress…helping to improve your health, physical appearance and feelings of peace.  Tell Me More

$22.00 per month

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Welcome to my little corner on the internet.

I am Cathy Freeman

I graduated with an Art Degree and worked with a large firm in Dallas, Texas. Life has a way of directing you in another direction and opening other doors. Those doors led to a career of 19 years working in teaching individuals how to manage emotional stress in their life.

Fast forward to the present… where I now inspire women to make time in their life to be creative, not only for enjoyment, but also as a wonderful outlet for releasing stress and feeling more calm and relaxed.

Not an Adventurous Creative Art Sister? Now’s the best time to see what’s going on.

A few projects that have been taught in our group


Creative expression gives a voice to all emotions…the happy, the angry, the sad, and everything in-between. The mind builds resilience and power over stress by immersing in a creative process.

This my friend, is the journey of the Adventurous Creatives

Taking a few moments each day to bring out the artist inside… whether through art it self, or other forms of creativity, is a wonderful way to relieve stress and motivate actions that bring a Positive Change in your life.