Think of a time when you been working on a project and completely lost all sense of self and time… when you were completely absorbed.

You were in a state of flow.   The flow is a highly focused mental state conducive to productivity.  Being in the flow has been known to reduce anxiety, boost your mood, and even slow down your heart rate.

 Creativity will easily put you in the FLOW… becoming a foundational piece of my coaching and events.

Coaching is like talking to your BFF…but so much better

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We are very creative human beings.  You see, with every situation, an image is created in your mind.  And that created image is also what is causing your reaction.

Have You ever journaled about a day like this, or shared something similar with your BFF?

Wished you could have a “do-over”

on how you handled a situation?

Thoughts and Words are so important!

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What will I learn?

You will Learn to Make Cre8 Reminders  personal affirmations.

Combine Creativity and Personal Development

How to stay positive and navigate the negative.

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The journey of creating a “Healthier You” starts with a daily routine of emotional health.

Example of a Cre8 Reminders©  notebook page

Building A Daily Routine is what keeps me on track

Why? Because 95% of what we do is engineered from the subconscious. Master your mind…You master your emotions.  With your focus centered around giving energy to all things positive in your life, you Ultimately Create the Experiences in Life You Want.

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