Hello there. I’m Cathy. I am a woman who lives to be positive through all of life’s challenges, while doing her best to Be a little better each day.

What’s my secret? I’ve learned the importance of self care. Each morning I nourish 3 areas… my spiritual, my mental, & my physical.

This routine has created a Real Positive Change in my ability to handle life’s challenges. Cre8 Reminders© is a way of getting past the negative self-talk to feel happy and cultivate Hope.

I’ve set a goal to make time in the morning for each aspect of myself, as I prepare for the day.

My Morning Routine:

  • Spiritual: I believe in the power of scripture and prayer.
  • Physical: I stay physically active through exercise and healthy habits.
  • Mental / peace of mind. I developed a routine – Cre8 Reminders©. This is a process to stop over thinking, critical thinking, worry, and discouraging thoughts.

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I enjoy the honor of helping thousands of people, just like you, who want to feel better. These are people who face life challenges and aren’t sure of how to break free from the feelings of overwhelm and discouragement.

Stop Critical Thinking

I practice what I preach. Daily I use the Cre8 Reminders© process to address emotions that may present themselves. These appear as anxiety, fears, and those nagging mental thoughts of never being enough that can hold me back from feeling accomplished and amazing.

A Gift of Thought – Cre8 Reminders©

  • Do you, or do you know anyone who struggles with anxiety, or the challenges of OCD, & ADD?
  • Are you facing a major life challenge and are in need of the emotional stamina to get though it?
  • Would you love to eliminate thought patterns that contribute to weight gain, lack of productivity, or perhaps relationship and self esteem issues?

Cre8 Reminders© gives you the power to boost you mental capacity….a key component for success in what you wish to achieve

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Cre8 Reminders© is a process that I developed over the years of coaching individuals how to change their perceptions and thoughts, that were creating stress and anxiety.  

Cre8 Reminders© is:

  • a quick simple way of processing emotions triggered by thoughts and events.
  • an intuitive journaling technique.
  • a process to help refocus the mind that is challenged by OCD, Anxiety, ADD, & PTSD
  • eliminates thought patterns that contribute to weight gain, lack of productivity, relationship, and self esteem issues.
  • a personalized crafted affirmation that focuses specifically on changing a current perception.
  • a way to visualize your hopes and dreams.

The journey of creating a “Healthier You” starts here.

My aim for Real Positive Change is to teach people how to stop their inner critic, and take care of their health and wellness while managing situations that create a great amount of stress.

Develop this ability and you will feel that life is under control.

Are you facing a challenge right now? Click Here