Hello there. I’m Cathy. I am a woman who lives to be positive through all of life’s challenges, while doing her best to Be a little better each day.

What’s my secret? I’ve learned the importance of self care. Each morning I nourish 3 areas… my spiritual, my mental, & my physical.

This routine has created a Real Positive Change in my ability to handle life’s challenges.

I’ve set a goal to make time in the morning for each aspect, as I am preparing myself for the day.

  • Spiritual: I believe in the power of scripture and prayer,
  • Physical: I stay physically active through exercise and healthy habits
  • and for my Mental peace of mind, I developed a routine, I titled Cre8 Reminders©.

I enjoy the honor of helping thousands of people, just like you, who want to feel better. People who face life challenges and aren’t sure of how to break free from the feelings of overwhelm and discouragement.

I practice what I preach. Daily I use the Cre8 Reminders© process to address emotions that may present themselves; such as, anxiety, fears, and those nagging mental thoughts of never being enough, which can hold me back from feeling accomplished and amazing. To learn more, click here.