“We are learning that Art does so much for our health and well-being.  Art can ELEVATE our mood.  Art can ENGAGE conversation.  Art can create new ideas and hopes which EFFECT CHANGE

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Come and Enjoy the playful adventure of ART.


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No matter what your art experience is…

You are never too old, or too young…

to Enjoy the dance of Art, as you embark on your own creative adventure.

(Artist Unknown….Animation from Gifer)

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Welcome to my little corner on the internet.

I am Cathy Freeman

I graduated with an Art Degree and worked with a large firm in Dallas, Texas. Life has a way of directing you in another direction and opening other doors. Those doors led to a career of 19 years working in teaching individuals how to manage emotional stress in their life….to change their choice of words and speech, which ultimately changed the way they felt inside.

Fast forward to the present… I have taken those years of experience and training and created a way to inspire individuals to bring out the creative parts of themselves. To let their Words…and their Art become a wonderful outlet for releasing stress and feeling more calm and relaxed.

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