Welcome to my little corner on the internet.

I am Cathy Freeman

I use Art & other creative techniques that I have developed and discovered to relieve stress and bring out a Positive Change in their life.

Our 2020 events are finished for the year…but get ready for 2021

I have something new…


Join the community and become a member of the Real Positive Change Village…where each day instead of focusing on making everything perfect…you can focus on making it Perfectly YOU!  


By planning moments in the day where you step away from the demands of your daily routine and focus on something that will elevate your ability to manage stress. Each and everyone of us get to choose what we focus on…and what we focus on EXPANDS into what we experience.

That is why…personally, I love art journaling…

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The feeling of Wellness is determined by the level of Your RESILIENCE

Resilience is your ability to quickly bounce back from failure, adversity, rejection, criticism, tragedy, setbacks, stress, and more.”

Ask yourself, when something goes wrong, do you tend to bounce back or fall apart?

How strong is your bounce back?

Take this quick assessment & check your Resilience level.

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