Cre8 Reminders Printable Page

Start accomplishing any goal you desire.

The comment was made to me, you are always smiling and seem so happy.  I firmly believe that an organized mind, amplified by the power of God,, nothing is impossible.  STOP thinking about what years you have missed, start looking ahead and thinking about what you can do today and with the rest of your life.

I have developed Cre8 Reminders© for organizing thoughts that will eliminate the mental reasons that cause you to procrastinate, worry, and hold back from accomplishing your desired goals.

Think about a radio and how you are able to tune into a station of your choice.  The same principle is true with our thoughts and words.  Just like the radio station, we tune into a frequency to listen to the music we desire; so it is the same with our words.  Words have a frequency impact that will charge up our thinking to be proactive, moving forward in a productive direction.  Or, they can cause us our thoughts to begin spiraling downward, causing our mind to loop over and over never finding a solution.

Are you ready to Cre8 Reminders© for yourself?

You can have this form sent to your inbox and ready to download.

Remember every thought and word is like like a note in music.  The way you put them together creates a wavelength….a frequency of sound that either feeds or drains your energy and motivation to accomplish your desires.

Be Proactive

and focus on something that will create a strong Real Positive Change.

Here is the form that will come to your inbox.

You should be able to type right on it.  Below is an example of one that I filled out to be more proactive on eating healthy.

This process is only to support your efforts in being happy and healthy.

It is not diagnosing, treating, nor prescribing.  The use of this technique is to help relieve stress and offer an change of perspective.

This sheet is intended to be used with the Cre8 Reminders – Words and Phrases.  Over 1,000 words and phrases.  Join my membership site and have access to these list of words and much more.  Click here for more information

To help teach you the process, I have included a short list of words and phrases in this free packet to help get you started.  Feel free to use them or come up with your own.

Here is what I do.

  1. The yellow box is intended to help me zero in on what feeling is holding me back; typically, it is some type of fear.  The perception is negative with a low frequency, and falls in the indexing groups that range between 0 and 199.  (Once the mind holds a thought that has a frequency of 200 and above, solutions and ideas begin to formulate.)
  2. Next I begin to randomly choose 8 index numbers; one in each of the indexing categories.  I always go with the first number that pops in my head.  We each have an innate instinct, an ability to typically pick those things that are the most helpful for us.  So let go of controlling the situation, relax and allow that instinct to step in.