You, Fabulous You!


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I love this statement “You, Fabulous You!” – why?  Because it is a declaration that will bless your life in two directions.

  1. The first direction is inward.  There are certain labels that we have chosen to accept as truth; for example, ” I am not very smart”, “too heavy”, “too thin”, “can’t do______”, “horrible mother”, I hope you are getting the picture.  There are also little statements that others have said which we accepted, or even statements we picked up in are early childhood years.  All of these at one time or another, become part of our identity.  These are statements that are not truth…they are NOT WHO we are.  Yes, these may be an areas in our life that could use some improvement – but not our identity.   Another example that some might recognize, is the statements we say to excuse our behavior and why we react a certain way.  I always cringe when I hear someone say this….”well I have a red personality, and that’s why I get angry easily and tell people off.”   I too, have used excuses before.  Labels, identities, to give reason for my actions, or to get a certain response.  One example from my life is that for a period after our daughters’ death as I introduced myself to new people, without really thinking about it I always found a way to connect the incident of her death with my introduction.  I wasn’t doing this consciously.  Yet the response from the individual was an emotion that moved us from a surface level introduction to a deeper connection quickly.  Once  I realize what I was doing, and that the emotional response was not really what I was seeking, I quickly made the change. Yes, I wanted to get to know them, but I didn’t want,  need, or desired their pity.  I think it was part of my path of grieving – one that I was now done with.  I wanted to get to know them on an intimate level and I had the ability to do that another way.  Yes,  I am FABULOUS because God does not make anything that is not Fabulous.  And because we are His children – then Fabulous is one of our names, a title and declaration that we may say to ourselves each and every day.
  2. Now the second direction is outward which I discovered through an experiment.  I wanted to see how people would respond as I “mentally thought” these words, and directed them back towards them.  While they spoke and I listened, I would think these words.  When I passed by saying a quick hello, I would think these thoughts.  The goal was to see how would they respond back?  I had so much fun!   I walked into a large local  store – one that is so large, that people just hustle in, get what they want, and then leave as fast as they can.  As I passed the already happy greeter I thought “you, fabulous you! – their hello came with smile that  grew extra large that day. As I passed individuals thinking this thought, they returned smiles.  I had two women standing close by me in an isle, make pleasant comments directly to us as my daughters and I searched for items.    The difference of that shopping experience compared to how I normally shop, was amazing.

SO…  I am putting out this fun challenge.  Say this phrase “You, Fabulous You” to yourself and in your thoughts when you are around others.  Lets just see what happens.  I want to hear what kind of experience you have.  I am excited to hear the difference thinking these thoughts can make in your life. I have worked with people that I have stayed clear of because of their angry attitude,  just the frequency from these thoughts will radiate a different energetic environment which over time (be it quick or slow) will change that situation.   Go out and just HAVE FUN making a “real positive change”.

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