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Registration for Upcoming Events

Nov. 9 (7pm-9pm)
 Put Stress to Rest and feel the JOY of the Holiday.  This workshop you will be taught the same techniques that I have given my clients for the last 17 years to combat stress and anxiety.   The ability to unplug from a frustrating situation and not react.

Nov. 9 (7-9pm)  $27.00


Nov. 15 (10-12pm)  $27.00 Put Stress to Rest and Feel the JOY of the Holiday.  (Repeat Class

******************************************Nov. 24 “Girl’s Day Out” Vision Board Event.  (1-4 pm) Helen Keller, who was blind and deaf, was asked one time what could be worse than to have no sight?  She said, “To have sight, but to have no vision.”The power of vision happens when you surround yourself with images of your vision.  These images causes your dream to become more alive inside you.  Having a board to look at throughout the day will keep you in a continual stay of progression.

  • Having a vision board will help you on many levels, including:
  • prioritizing your goals
  • obtaining clarity in your life purpose
  • building your faith in God’s ability to perform the impossible
  • boosting your confidence and self-esteem
  • reminding you of your mission.

Nov. 24  (1-4pm)  $45.00  

****************************************Jan. 4, 2019 – $45.00 (1-4pm) “Welcome in the New Year”  Vision Board   (Repeat)

Important:  Your seat is not saved until payment is complete.  Seats are limited.

No refunds.  If you have to cancel, payment will be applied towards the fee of a private session