What thought station am I listening to?

Have YOU ever reacted to the wrong story in your head and said or done something you regretted?

Thoughts have an emotional impact.  When I begin to dwell on a certain thought, it is like tuning in to a particular radio station.  With a radio, you move the dial until you find the right frequency for a station.  Think of this example when you begin tuning into certain thoughts.  Some thoughts create a frequency that has the ability to drain your mental energy.  While other thoughts create a frequency that lifts your mood and makes you feel invigorated or motivated to take action.  Tuning into these different thoughts generate feelings just like the music does when you tune into different stations on a radio.

Running the same thoughts for an extended period of time will overload you emotionally.  That emotional overload is what we call Stress & Anxiety.

Have you ever felt caught in a negative loop of confusion, worry or frustration?  Below are 3 tips to break that negative loop.

1. I will listen to this particular piece of music when I am feeling emotional overload. Why can music help to change the cycle?  Because music is made up of different frequencies; therefore, each note can resonate and acknowledge a different emotion.

2.  I craft a powerful, new statement to redirect and override the thought that is currently taking control mind.  I use a process that I created and it has proven to work well for the last 10 years.  Cre8 Reminders.©

3. I record this personal affirmation so that it can be repeated several times a day to change my pattern of thinking.

I typically handle situations calmly.  And I would never have made this mistake of saying the wrong things if I had stopped for just a few moments to figure out what story was brewing in my head.  I could have quickly found what emotional channel I had tuned into and then written for myself a personal Cre8 Reminders©.

One minute you feel in control and then life hits.

All of a sudden a wave of emotion floods in and you have no idea where these feelings are coming from.

You may not know consciously, but your subconscious knows.

A thought surfaces from somewhere deep down inside your mind causing you concerns that you have no idea how to deal with. You feel it, but you can’t seem to put your finger on why or what could be the cause behind it.

There is this undercurrent of worries that are creating anxiousness such as:

  • Fear of scarcity
  • Fear of what is going to happen now
  • Fear of being alone…the list goes on.

Do you ever feel this low level of anxiety, like it is sitting right under the surface?  It is there but you cannot put your finger on what is causing it?

I am Cathy – I help people recognize the story that their mind is cultivating.  I will show you how to change those mental stories that pop-up by using my process Cre8 Reminders©.  

A quick, easy process that will direct your mind to focus more in the direction of accomplishing your goals and dreams; rather than entertaining thoughts of fear and worry.   

Your mindset is your #1 influencer in life…

Are the goals your setting actually getting achieved?

It was Senior graduation and my youngest sat in the school gymnasium listening to a graduating student sing The National Anthem.   Right at that moment, it became her goal to achieve during her Senior year.  It did not matter that the song has been called the most challenging song there is.  She was going to sing that song for her fellow students.  Now all she had to do what figure out when and where.

The road to gaining permission was a long-drawn-out process.  She had to meet and talk with numerous people, as well as audition to gain permission to perform at her school event.  She faced a great number of negative responses and she found herself doubting if she would see her gaol achieved.  The Cre8 Reminders© process became her go-to for stopping her worry and increasing her determination.

At the young age of 17, she mastered a lesson that many people take a lifetime to learn.

The lesson she learned was that her desire had to be greater than every answer of “no” that she faced.  She used faithfully the process of Cre8 Reminders© to support her efforts and keep her going forward free of fear and frustration.  

Below is a short video story of how the final steps of this process helped her to have a greater impact in her deliverance of this piece of music with a recording of her actual performance.  

She learned that maintaining the “right” story in her head would help her accomplish her dream, thus checking off a goal on her bucket list.  

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