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“I have learned SO much from you! The simplicity of trusting in our own selves and learning from our past, our experiences (good and bad) and our own nature is amazing! Your intuitive nature so easily finds the problem, and seeks an individual answer that is both simple and powerful. I have been able to use the wisdom and guidance you so thoughtfully gave to Patrick, and to move forward in my own life….overcoming obstacles, trusting in something much, much higher and more pure……..and letting go of old patterns that are a part of a past perspective that is simply not true any longer. I have been able to move past perceived hurts and offenses…..”
Debbie Johnson







“Using the R.C.P. method has been a blessing to my boys. They are able to communicate so much better helping me to understand situations that are frustrating or causing them pain. I now have the skills to help keep them emotionally balanced.” Sally Dutton


**   “After just a few minutes of working with Cathy, my whole world started shifting. Fear and doubt were replaced by light and confidence, and these changed lasted not just for that moment, but continuously. Cathy is an incredible intuitive and gifted professional, and she has a unique ability to “feel” with her clients that opens doors from them that nothing else could in the same way. She has done so for me. I recommend that you take advantage of any opportunity to connect with Cathy. You will be glad you did!”   Emily Black Watson








“Cathy has worked with me on several occasions. The last time she worked with me, I was amazed at what she accomplished during a phone session. I was struggling with many trials and asked her to help me to find a more positive perspective that would empower me to change my views. Her intuition and ability to hear my emotions helped me to find joy in the service I gave to others rather than feeling as if they were a burden. These positive and empowering thoughts have helped me endure through many, many months of trial. My trials have actually increased but the tools Cathy gave me in one session help me daily to handle them with joy. She has not only given me immediate help, but rather a skill set and a new perspective to make lasting changes.
Stephanie Barney/Lightspeed Electrical Services






When your family loves what you do….that is the best. My husband has suffered for years with allergies. A few days of a slightly grumpy bear is enough for any wife to find a solution. I simply found what frequency his body was “hanging out” in and then what frequencies were needed to help him make the change. 10 minuets and his energy lifted. He felt motivated to get out of bed. His reply, “I felt lousy this morning and didn’t think I would have enough energy to work today, in 10 to 15 minutes everything began to turn around and I could feel a literal difference. I worked the whole day free of that nagging drainage.” Now, I am not saying that what I do healed him, but I do believe that you put the body into a place of peace and stability and it will heal itself

“I called you (Cathy Freeman) when I was 10 weeks pregnant. I hadn’t planned on getting pregnant and was really having a tough time with it. My children are starting to be old enough for me to feel like the toddler years are finally over and I had started to go back to shool. Pregnancy was far from my mind. Although I had come to the realization that I was indeed pregnant with God’s little miracle…I started to feel sharp pains in my sciatic nerve and in my bladder. It felt like I ws in my third trimester and the baby was swiftly kicking me. I realized that I had some emotional issues I needed to deal with. During our visit, I realized that I was placing all of my negativity on my growing baby, and that is something I never inteded on doing. After our visit, I cried tears of happiness and joy for about two days and I feel so much better! I finally was aware of the why this little baby was in mine and my families lives, at this moment in time. I will forever be grateful for the wisom that you (Cathy) have in being able to direct me to healing emotionally and then in turn physically.
Nanette Lemmon


http://app6.websitetonight.com/projects2/1/9/7/5/795791/images/f189cfe54e4c2c34ba4b7ee8ef5dfbf1_yegn.png  ” Knowing about the frequencies/attitudes have really helped me out. From the Car-keeping the 438 and 483 to changing the frequency with my relationship with the in-laws. For the first time I have been able to break out of the mold and be myself …. It is SO LIBERATING! Loving Life, Cathy.”  Sally Dutton


“Thank you so much for sharing your “gifts” with me. The “work” you do is so valuable and beautiful. Your voice and manner truly feel like I’m present with and Angel!! Many Blessings, Jeanie Woody BBEI







Working with Cathy Freeman has been a real blessing in my life. She is comfortable to talk with and you get an instant feeling that she is very intuitive.
It’s amazing the insights she has that absolutely relate to you personally. Here’s a small example of one of the ways working with Cathy has helped me.
Except for very vague memories of loving water as a very small child, most of my life I have had a very real struggle drinking water at all, let alone the 8- 8oz. glasses that you are supposed to get in every day. I never could figure out why it made me literally feel sick to my stomach. I would have to take a deep breath and chug as much at one time as I could it there was any chance of getting in a reasonable amount of water. The reality was that I was walking around really dehydrated all the time. That affects your energy, your brain function, your metabolism and your entire body in general. The rippling affects of dehydration are many. Needless to say, I didn’t feel very good most all of the time.
Through working with Cathy, we (she) discovered the connection between how bad I would feel drinking water and something that happened to me during my childhood. It wasn’t even anything traumatic! It really was just as simple as this. I got sick to my stomach a lot as a child and my dear mother would give me baking soda in a glass of warm water. This would either calm my stomach or cause me to vomit. Either way, I would feel better afterward and that was that. Other people have probably used the same antidote to a sick stomach with no repercussions, but I formed an association that lasted the rest of my life, and as simple as the answer was as to why, I never could figure it out!
After working with Cathy and clearing that form my body, it was like drinking water for the first time. I had never realized, but for all these years, my water had tasted like baking soda water! Now it was clear and clean and almost sweet to the taste. I drink enough water each day and then some! I love it!
I enjoy working with Cathy and look forward to making breakthroughs in other areas of my life.
Sincerely, Sandy Cane


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