Welcome Mini- Glamper

Friend, I wanted to give you a BONUS as a Thankyou for attending the heART Party. For the month of February I am extending to you a “Mini-Glamper” Pass that will give you access to a few areas in our members Glamp-site.

Your Glamp-pass will start February 8th by opening up 1 glamper.

Please note that this is only a temporary free invite. You will not have access to the specified areas for my members. PLEASE NOTE THAT At the end of the month your pass access will shut down and the Glamp-site will return to members only.

How will this work?

Each day from February 8th to February 14th I will give you access to one new Glamper at a time, starting with the Glamper that is numbered with a 1. Feb. 9th you will be able to click on Glamper #2, thus giving you access to glamper #1 & now glamper #2.

Think of this as an advent calendar…starting February 8th you can click and open one new camper a day leading up to that special day…. Feb. 14th.

I will not be overloading you with a bunch of projects….you will have enough to do from the heART party event. Rather, I plan to share with you a small surprise to download.

I will have (7) days with (7) little surprises.

The last day that you will have access with your Mini-glamper pass is the last day of Feb. Your free access will be shut off that evening.

What do I do?

Starting Feb. 8th click on the glamper #1. Then each day after… till the 14th, you will be given access to a new glamper.

How do I get to the Glamp-site?

Come to my website, CathyFreemanArt.com. In the menu look for “Cathy’s Glamp-site“, click that link and you will be directed to our Glamp-site map.

Watch your email for repeat instructions. (Can’t find an email? Check the spam folder)

I am happy that you are here.