Develop Your Unique Talent and Make an Impact

Ever find yourself saying, “I really don’t have a gift, or a talent?.” Too often talents are narrowed down to the field of art  However, talents shows up in every field, and aspect of life.  The problem?   You do not recognize how your unique talent, could actually make an impact and become a gift to the world.

Too Small to make an Impact

I heard this statement once, “If you think you are too small to make an impact, go to sleep with a mosquito.”

There is a story about a man who traveled to 100 cities around the world. He kept a journal where he recorded the responses from people he walked up to and ask this one question, “What is your #1 fear?” He thought he would hear things like, the fear of dying, public humiliation, illness, going broke and so forth. Instead, he found that the #1 fear all over the world,, was that their lives would be meaningless and that they would live and die with their potential untapped.

Someday is Not a Day of the Week

Let’s talk about acknowledging your gifts and talents, and having the persistence and patience to develop what God gave you to share with the world. When you hear the word talent, do you shake your head and say, “I really do not have any talents”. Or maybe you recognize a talent that has not been fully tapped into, thinking to yourself. “Someday I will get around to working on that area in my life.”  Well someday is not a day of the week. The week does not go Someday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and so on. Waiting for “Someday” to roll around is a defeatist attitude.

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Other side of your obedience.

A man giving a sermon once said, “Somebody in need is waiting on the other side of your obedience.” Let me ask you, “Who is waiting on you to develop your gifts and talents?” There is someone who will benefit from what you can uniquely do. Whatever gift it may be, you’re the one who will be enrich as you expand and develop it, and someone else will be blessed and motivated as you set out to share it. So, for every minute that you are holding back, at least two of you are being robbed.

Developing anything takes persistence.

 I remember the time….I was probably about 9 years old….my father and I were walking through a mall after the stores were closed. Passing one of the stores I saw this BEAUTIFUL blue dress hanging on a rack. I got my father to stop and look at what I was seeing through the window, as I repeatedly expressed how amazing the dress was. And then my persistent begging started. “Dad, we have got to come back and check out that dress when the stores open tomorrow,” I enthusiastically exclaimed.
My father’s response was, “Cathy, that dress is too big for you, it’s for a much older girl.” But I would not believe him because of how it was displayed in the store. It was hung on a low display rack, rather than a tall one; therefore, I knew it had to be close to my size!  Sounds logical, right?

Well for the rest of the day and into the night I would not stop talking about that dress. My persistence must have worn him down, because he finally told me that after work the next day, he would take me to see the dress. I was ecstatic, as I floated out of the room thinking about getting the dress the next day.

Well, I don’t need to go into the depth of disappointment I felt the next day, as I stood holding up that dress and began to realize that he was right; it was for a girl who was older than I. But I was determined to find out, and I did. So when people say, “I’m just not creative.” My reply is, “Creativity is simply persistence that is progressing along until something is crafted from it.”


To Create is a basic need of every human being.  To organize, design and be a part of a process that brings the world something beautiful, uplifting and good.  We each in our soul have the innate ability to be an artisan, crafting one’s life into a work of art.  This ability
comes as a divine gift from God, who is the master artisan of our lives.  He is the one who has given us our unique talent.

The human imagination filled with an immense capacity to calculate, design, and create is not limited to a certain type of individual. No, this power is given to all.  But only those who allow themselves to magnify this gift, to dream of what they want, will be uninhibited to craft their life like a work of art.

This imagination is the seed of greatness that starts with a thought,…a dream… a desire, as it finds its nourishment through corroboration with God.  Faith and courage is the attitude of bravery which initiates the steps necessary to turn ones dream into a reality.

She had a Dream of Sharing Her Unique Talent

Elizabeth enjoys the gift of music. She has been blessed with a wide range in her voice, and has been practicing to magnify this gift. Ever since her sisters high school graduation 3 years ago, she has wanted to sing the National Anthem for her school.  She took that thought, that dream, and began to craft the possibility. She had a Decided Heart. Only when a person is willing to step out of the dreaming phase, are they ready to start the artisan journey.  This journey begins with a clear decision of talent to develop and share. Each day is given a daily dose of discipline to advance and stay on course.  One can not forget a strong attitude that is willing to go forth living each challenge with a feeling of exuberance and safety to step out and bravely express.  And that is exactly what she did.

There were many people she had to approach before she could find the right person to grant her request.  Getting an answer from whoever was in charge took time, giving her an opportunity to be persistent and wait patiently. These two qualities seem like two opposites; however, they are part of the vital ingredients of accomplishing any task.

Persistent – To Grow Your Unique Talent

She ran into several obstacles along the way, but she has been trained in how to manage thoughts that could lead to stress,  and persistently worked passed those mental blocks to find a solution.  Asking was not a one-time event.  Once she found the individual who was in charge, she proposed the idea.  You see, for each pep-rally, the band played the anthem to start off the event.  So her propose was making a shift in what was an already set program.

Persistence did not stop there.  Elizabeth was given an ok, and a date was set for which pep-rally she would sing at; however, as time approached there was a complication with the gym which caused the rally to be cancelled.  Due to this situation, she was back at square one asking if she could have another date to share her talent.

She was promised another date, only to have that one cancelled on her also because she was running in an election. The principle felt it would sway the votes unfairly.  She understood his reasoning.  Now she needed to make the choice to be persistent in her hope of accomplishing her goal, as the shadow of fear began to creep in through the emotional door of disappointment and sadness.

She persistently pressed forward asking for another date, and this time she was given the Homecoming pep-rally.

Patience – And Your Unique Talent

Her patience paid off.  She was given one of the most important pep-rallies of the year to be spot lighted… Homecoming week!  Patience will keep any door of possibility opened, even when other doors seem to shut.

What Do You Like To Do?

What do you like to do?  Is it sewing?, Singing, Dance?, Administration,? Teaching?, Playing an Instrument?, Coaching? Baking? Working with children? Elderly people?  Realize that what you like to do is your gift.  Successful people stop focusing on their weaknesses, and they start to maximize their strengths.  Zero into what gift comes naturally to you, something that you do naturally and think nothing of it.

There is a connection between your purpose, your potential, and capabilities.  All of these make up your unique talent.

Go on a Search and ask Five Questions…

  1. What was your interest as a child?  What was your favorite things to do?
  2. What are some of the natural things that you do?  Organizing?, Writing, Designing?
  3. When do you lose track of time?  Think about when you have nothing going and your find that you have an hour or so to yourself.  What do you like to do that takes you completely out of the awareness of time?  You know that thing that you like to do and then before you even know it, 2 or 3 hours has passed by without you even being aware of it.
  4. What do you really yearn to do?  What creates a fire inside of you when you begin thinking about it?
  5. What experiences have you had great success with?  What areas are you good at?

Its time to take a moment and really find your gift to share with the world.  4 Tips for opening your mind.

Remember, I am cheering you on in your dreams and goals


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