You are Amazing! You have a Unique Learning Style.

You may classify yourself as “shy”, “over-active”, or “too talkative”?  These are labels that people often give themselves without understanding the significance of these descriptions.  These descriptive words are not just labels, they are describing a key component to your unique way of processing information and building thought. 

Children get labeled all the time.  Did you realize that a child who can’t sit still or keep their hands to themselves is busy gathering important information through the Kinesthetic Learning Style.  A child that never stops talking is busy gathering important information through the Kinesthetic Learning Style.  A child that never stops talking is not really just a “chatter-box”, but a brilliantly verbal sponge developing his or her Linguistic Intelligence.  

Your mind is a gift from God.

What you do with it is your gift to Yourself.


Becoming aware of how your brain is wired will enhance your capability to process information and interact successfully because the style that we each gather information is unique and different.

  Learning challenges arise when you are out of sync with how you were designed to gather information. Being aware of the best way to intake information can help you quickly get back on track.


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The Discovery of the “True You”.

I have compiled a quiz that will help you assess your learning style profile.  The profile is not a diagnostic test but a discovery of your specific structure which will uncover the “true you.”   The more you think using your specific structure, the more your brain will grow.  The ability to self-regulate your thinking will help build your talents, intelligence, and wisdom.

How do I find this unique structure in which I build thoughts?

This quiz was developed to help you understand and to evaluate the structure of your style of processing information.   The quiz helps you build a profile that is specific to you.  This knowledge will help you build thoughts correctly.  It is to encourage and guide you in strengthening what is already strong for you, as well as what areas may be weak.

Is one order better than another?  Should I try to be like my best friend?

We are all uniquely made with no one particular order being better than another.  We all use all seven styles of intelligence, yet when information is delivered to you through your own unique order, learning becomes much easier.  The Profile will help you find out which learning style is making the most profound impact on you, which will be the top two scores on your list.  The top two types of thinking are important to recognize because they dominate your thinking process.  When the first two are allowed to dominate, they actually motivate the other five non-dominate types of thinking to work together to complete the cycle of digesting and building the thoughts correctly.  Thoughts built correctly will form together to build healthy networks in your brain.   Therefore, you need to develop all seven.

Here is an example of how the first two can act as a kick-start for the other five.
Let’s say you would like to be comfortable giving a speech in public.  You are aware that your top two thought processes are musical and kinesthetic.  To start your process of learning and gaining confidence, you could play music softly in the background and walk around the room, or stand still but move your arms as you begin to practice your speech.
The movement will help you feel comfortable and know the material well enough to deliver.  Once you feel that confidence then you are ready to begin practicing your presentation style.  Focusing intentionally on your personal top two helps you learn the material quicker and feel confident to deliver.  As you stay intentional with the process the other five work together to support your effort for improvement and building your confidence.


Staying in sync with your unique process is important, but so is the environment that you build these thoughts in.

Just as a seed must have good soil to grow to its full potential, so must a thought have the right type of “soil”.  There are only two types of soil available, soil made from unconditional love and faith, and soil made from fear.  In this analogy, the soil is your attitude.  The attitude in which you build a thought will determine Science has learned that the attitude of love is actually wired into all of us and that the attitude of fear is learned.


When you begin building a thought it is much like the growth of a seed.  The thought must be cultivated in a positive, loving way for it to be a healthy thought filled with life and motivation.  When a thought is cultivated in soil that is based on fear it will deplete your energy and motivation.  Your thought begins to build an environment that is toxic.  Your progress is blocked and you begin to experience symptoms of stress and anxiety.

Why is fear so destructive?

Fear begins a looping cycle of toxic chemicals and neurological responses that continue to loop filling our subconscious with more toxic thoughts….fear feeds fear.   The chemicals from the stress created from these fear-based thoughts begin to affect our mental health and break down our body’s natural immune system.  The symptoms we begin to experience are depression, anxiety, addictions, physical illness, and learning disorders in all of its various forms.

Love Always Wins Over Fear

“Love releases the chemicals oxytocin and dopamine which help rewire the brain with nontoxic thoughts and rebuild memories.  Endorphins and serotonin are also released to help us gain the confidence and motivation needed to face our circumstances.”1 

Love can over-ride fear because our brains were made to operate in the environment of love.  You choose the environment of your mind as you choose to cultivate love or fear.

A mind that has learned to operate from fear can be changed.  Adding the nutrients that allow you to grow in love can give you an even greater advantage over fear.  A thought grown in the soil of love produces healthy thinking, healthy emotions, positive values and actions such as forgiveness, caring, selflessness, truth, hope, trust, looking for the best, patience, peace, kindness, gentleness, self-control, faithfulness, courage, and the list goes on.

So, in summary, you are a mixture of these seven types of thought, which influence how you perceive the world.  You are uniquely made and will successfully enhance your life as you stay true to formulating a thought by your unique process of looping uninterruptedly through all seven areas of building thought.  A productive, positive thought is cultivated in an environment of love that enhances our mental and physical experience.

These are the Seven:








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  1. Dr. Caroline Leaf, The Gift in You.