Nurture & Thrive – Create a Relaxing Moment

Are You a part of my group that Thrives?


Positive Thought by Design

Have you ever had someone’s words, or tone of voice negatively affect the way you feel?

Not been able to stop worrying about something?

Have you had a goal and just can’t seem to get it accomplished?

Did you set a goal this year to lose weight?

Maybe you have dreamed of starting a business, or improve what you have and increase revenue?

Perhaps you have set a goal to improve a skill? Or even find more time to do the things you love?

Thrive helps you do that with a tracker and easy journaling method to fuel your mind and transform what is sabotaging your hopes and desires.

Journaling is a wonderful practice for clearing the mind. Yet, I have found that I hardly take the time to sit down and write. I created this process to give me the benefit of journaling, but in a short amount of time. Now I can quickly create a healthy statement to replace those thoughts which are generating feelings of unrest.

Making an effort to think about thoughts that enrich and enliven our mind is what makes the difference….especially when they are directed to your own personal feelings.

Below are some examples of messages created to counter-act unproductive emotions and help that individual to Thrive.

NOTE: If you are already part of “My Art Sisters” club …this program is added as a bonus and is automatically included in your library

Creative expression gives a voice to all emotions…the happy, the angry, the sad, and everything in-between. The mind builds resilience and power over stress by immersing in a creative process. 

This my friend, is the journey of the Adventurous Creatives 

Taking a few moments each day to bring out the artist inside… whether through art it self, or other forms of creativity, is a wonderful way to relieve stress and motivate actions that bring a Positive Change in your life.