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Taking steps to support our health physically, mentally and emotionally is a principle of self-reliance. When I am speaking of being self-reliant, I am not referring to a mindset where one can achieve anything…if they simply set their mind to it. ๐ŸŒปOur mind is very powerful, but the self-reliance that I have found to be the most beneficial for me, is founded in this quote by W. Christopher Waddell,

Being temporally prepared and self-reliant means โ€˜believing that through the grace, or enabling power, of Jesus Christ and our own effort, we are able to obtain all the spiritual and temporal necessities of life we require for ourselves and our families.โ€

This page is simply a resource of practices, tools and developed skills that I have used to empower me in caring for, and building my own emotional resilience. Perhaps something here maybe a support for you.

Research suggests music can influence us a lot. It can impactย illness,ย depression,ย  spending,ย productivityย and ourย perceptionย of the world.

Music Library

Original music that calms or motivates.

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“Your brain responds to words in ways that affect your experience of the world. A personโ€™s choice of language can affect not only how another person feels but how they perceive events around them.”

Creative Reminders

Planting Seeds of Positivity to Thrive

Feeling worried or anxious? I’ve included my quick and easy journaling technique to STOP stressful thinking.

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Family History and how it can benefit our health.

There is Strength in Your Beautiful Roots

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According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, in an article titled, Aromatherapy: Do Essential Oils Really Work….we read,

“Essential oils can lift your mood and make you feel good with just a whiff of their fragrance. For some people they may even help alleviate the symptoms of various conditions.”

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There are many companies that sell essential oils. You can even buy them now at your super market….But I have been very happy with what I receive. I have used this companies essential oils for years and have never been disappointed in the quality, or the cost.

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