Welcome to my Real Positive Change Village

Welcome to Real Positive Change Village…our special little corner of the internet where each day instead of focusing on making everything perfect…you can focus on MAKING IT PERFECTLY YOU!  

This village is created to house all of the information and classes offered during the Real Positive Change Online Retreats, plus so much more.  I am thankful that you have joined us!  

Welcome visitor to The Real Positive Change Village. I hope you will choose to become part of the community.

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As a welcomed visitor, I have posted many of the classes from our past retreats below…

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In the library, you will find the class on the Cre8 Reminders© technique, and other Stress Relieving classes like Relax with Watercolor.

I would love for you to become a member of the Real Positive Change Village. The Village Library is where I house my training videos as well as new videos and training that I will continue to create. The classes in this library teach the processes I use in my coaching.

The Village gives us a chance to connect, learn together, and Communication

For the members of the community, I have a central place where you can easily stay connected…different than the Facebook group page. There you will receive updates to new classes, blog post, extra support, and the opportunity to chat with other group members

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  • Learn the creative routines that I teach my clients.
  • In the community info center, you will find articles, tips and ideas
  • Occasional specials on digital downloads.
  • Community information and support through a private app.
  • Because this is a Brand NEW Club…I am offering a reduced rate of $ 22 a month for FOUNDING MEMBERS only! Don’t delay, access to the Village will only be open for a short window of time at this reduced price. Once class would cost more than this low monthly fee.
  • There is no cancellation fee and you can cancel at any time on your own through your profile.

So come JOIN ME…and prepare to BE Inspired!

One of the classes…

Relax with Watercolor

These are simple doodles using watercolor and ink to escape life’s chaos and relax the nerves. New videos added each week.

Taking a moment to relax

I created the background one afternoon when I simply wanted to play in the watercolor. This video is showing me add ink to the page. As I started to draw and I began to make mistakes, I found myself feeling frustrated that it wasn’t perfect. I quickly reminded myself that this was NOT a piece for perfection, but rather a piece that was perfectly me. I have days when I am not perfect in my thoughts or actions. It is those days that I am reminded of the Master Artist and His gift that will ultimately make me perfect.