The Stress Release process Elizabeth used to lower her anxiety

Below are 2 videos. The first is a fun conversation with my daughter about how stress is affecting her life. She is a perfectionist who expects a lot out of herself. As a young child she was not equipped to hand these feelings which would result in intense moments of crying. Luckily her father taught at the same private school she was attending and the teachers would take her to him to help console her.

The second video is a step-by-step explanation. Elizabeth and I walking you through the the stress release technique that I taught her at an early age. This technique became her “go-to” when she began to feel those overwhelming feelings coming on and is now used faithfully as a daily routine.

Each night before she goes to bed, she implements this technique to empty her “stress trash can”, so to speak.

This process not only works well as a quick technique to lower the intensity of emotional stress, but it is a great tool for anxiety and some cases of PTSD. 

Simple Eye Release Steps 

1.Looking straight ahead and without moving your head, move your eyes back and forth from side to side. Do this several times (3-4) While you are moving your eyes focus your mind on saying “Release _______” (fill in the blank with what ever emotion or negative feeling or thought is present)

2.Next, shut your eyes tightly closed and then gently open wide (Do 3-4 times)

3.Next, take a deep breath in through your nose and release out through your mouth. (Repeat 3-4 times)

4.Now, assess how you feel. Has the negative emotion become less noticeable, perhaps even disappeared? If so you will finish with last step…if not repeat these first 3 steps until you find that you start to yawn, sigh, or feel more relaxed.

5.Last step, State in your mind or out loud “I am ___________”. (Think of a healthy, positive statement to replace the negative emotion that you felt and place it in the blank). While you are saying your statement gently tap on your chest. (Take your first two fingers on either hand and gently tap in the middle of your chest right below your collar bones.)

***Note: This technique is good to do at those times when you are not under attack from negative thoughts or feelings. It’s like the training for a runner. The more you do this simple exercise, the easier you body will respond to it as a way to release stress and other emotions.

As a Quick Stress Release Technique  Eye Releases are wonderful for changing the impact of stress and anxiety.   Our family uses this technique at night before going to  bed, to releasing the stress that built up each day. 

NOTE/DISCLAIMER: In these videos I am not prescribing, nor is the intent to take the place of medical assistance. Any and all use of these techniques, as well as others I will share are done by your own choice, AND you take full responsibility. Never perform any these techniques while driving or doing something that takes complete focus.