To Move out of Panic – or other Instense Emotion

logo 500I have found these steps to be most beneficial (any or all of them)  when someone is faced with intense emotion or panic.

Below are the exact steps I used with my youngest daughter who is extremely sensitive and has a tendency towards looping thoughts and anxiety attacks.

Step 1 – Get Calm

When something traumatic is happening, I use to become stern, direct and sound cross, because of the inner fear that is going on inside.   Desiring to change this habit – this work has helped me to develop a greater ability to handle stress. So # 1 is keep calm.  I usually have to stop, take a few deep breaths and really focus my thoughts.

Step 2  -Hold Specific Pressure Points

(Pictured above)

I held the two fight and flight points on the back of the neck and head – while gently, but directly telling her to breath in and out.

If you find that this isn’t working as fast as you would like- I have someone else hold the points while I moved to step 3.

If More is needed continue tofoot 500

Step 3 – Calming power of Essential Oils and Reflexology

Using essential oils I started pressing points on her feet.  (Reflexology)  Up around the big toes (representing the head and neck) and across the ball of the foot (representing the lungs).

Why head and neck?  Well, we are dealing with thought energy which has  put her in a state of panic.  Physically we are addressing a major area of the  brain as well as glands which play a BIG part in our emotions and directing  how the body responds.  My goal is to calm her, to help her feel in control of her breathing again and then change the thought energy, switching the emotional energy that her body is responding to.

Address the Pattern of Thoughts & Give a healthy way of Expression

Later after she is calmed down, I want to address the patterns of energy that were created by her thoughts.  A very easy way to do this is to  engaged her in our R P C technique using  Sand,  (see video: ).     This gives her the ability to express these emotions.

4fbf201aa9d0c1c9d37a66870d2a6e30_onhi_nanyMusic By-passes the brains barriers

Because she is ultra sensitive,  her responses are very dramatic (a recipe for an impatient and stressful home) I want to help her release this emotion healthy; therefore, I used another tool in my “toolbox”  – the music from the Comfort cd 3baee7a04dccd14209e93f830da123fb_zd8a(I could have also used Serene Tones relaxing powers).  This music has the beautiful ability – like non I have found yet to reach deep inside and embrace the gripping emotions of the heart, address them.  Seems like no one can speak the right words that truly bring comfort, that comes from God and He has blessed us with many ways to gently assist the body.  These gifts, “tools” give us the ability to let-go of for the paralyzing thought energies allowing His grace and power to ultimately heal our souls.

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