Be Crystal Clear

To BE CRYSTAL CLEAR is to have the “know-how” and ability to work with the “highs” and “lows” of life. To be free and open to a change that strengthens feelings of value and worth.

I have found that clear thoughts and energized action is the fuel to creating something of great worth, whether in my personal life or professional.

For much of my life, I thought peace was living a life in a balance, stress-free kind of fashion. A good illustration would be a nice, straight,, flat, horizontal line. But until recently when I spent time with a family member in the cardiac ward of the hospital watching the heart monitor, I realized that to have a straight even line… a flat line, would mean death. I pondered on the symbolism of each beat as it created a zig-zagged up and down movement. No matter whether it was up or down, the movement meant life.


I thought of how miss-understood is our push for a “flat-line” in daily living. Because when nothing is happening….we aren’t really living at all.
Living is working through the ups and downs…..never seeking to give up; because when we keep on moving we find ourselves renewed just like a runner finds her Second Wind, the focused energy which pushes her further onward with renewed determination and less effort.

I have made the choice to stop seeking the “flat-line” kind of life. To focus on living each day with a clear mind and, the Resolute to have a life of health & vitality, to live a life that is vibrant, Inspired, Elegant, and much more!

Important Information:

The medical field is now stating that 80 percent of disease is stress-related. Prolonged stress on the body can manifest adverse effects such as high blood pressure, heart disease, and muscle pain, changes in blood sugar, headaches, colitis, anxiety disorders, and ulcers.

Science has proven that the human body emits specific vibratory information, which is also called energy. These vibrations have a self regulatory mechanism that specify the activities taking place within the body. Our body is incredible; when a cell or molecule gets out of sync, then a signal from a neighboring cell will attempt to guide it back to the correct signal. If a sufficient number of cells become out of sync, then the balance and stability can be lost which leads to disease and disorder.

Did You Know…..
Thoughts have energy – a frequency that is felt by others.
Real Positive Change works with these thought frequencies to restore peace of mind, calmer emotions and a healthy body.
Less stress means NO more anxiety. You are free to be what you want whether it is your ideal weight, feeling more happy, strong, close relationships, a powerful ability to reach your goals, and so much more.
Changing your thought, taking time to clean out the blocks, and focusing on a positive creation process, will balance the vibrations felt by others…. the emotional attitude that your body emits.

Being in sync with healthy thoughts and feelings is what allows the body to engage its own personal healing properties……

hence, more vitality, better health, feeling and looking younger.


Clean out any feeling or emotion that creates a negative response by doing this…

1. Simple Eye Releases

Looking straight ahead and without moving your head, move your eyes back and forth from side to side. Do this several times (3-4) While you are moving your eyes focus your mind on saying “Release _______” (fill in the blank with what ever emotion or negative feeling or thought is present)

Next, shut your eyes tightly closed and then gently open wide (Do 3-4 times)

Next, take a deep breath in through your nose and release out through your mouth. (Repeat 3-4 times)

Now, assess how you feel. Has the negative emotion become less noticeable, perhaps even disappeared? If so you will finish with last step…if not repeat these first 3 steps until you find that you start to yawn, sigh, or feel more relaxed.

Last step, State in your mind or out loud “I am ___________”. (Think of a healthy, positive statement to replace the negative emotion that you felt and place it in the blank). While you are saying your statement gently tap on your chest. (Take your first two fingers on either hand and gently tap in the middle of your chest right below your collar bones.)

***Note: This technique is good to do at those times when you are not under attack from negative thoughts or feelings. It’s like the training for a runner. The more you do this simple exercise, the easier you body will respond to it as a way to release stress and other emotions.

2. Music Clears

The vibration that comes from certain notes resonates with the vibration frequency of our body. The body actually tunes to the music to restore and create a balance so that it can function properly. Remember balance is the flow of the high and low.

There is more information in the Learning Library – The Inspired You

Life events such as a death of loved one, divorce, loss or job, ill health, unresolved situations and unmet desires and goals will wear down our ability to be happy, hopeful and productive. R.P.C. helps you clear out the inner buried emotion, bringing back optimism to once again visualize YOUR GOALS, desire to work towards them and promise of the ability to accomplish them.

Disclaimer: The information on this website or given by Cathy Freeman – Real Positive Change is for the soul purpose of teaching. You have complete responsibility for your own health. If you need any medical advice, please see a doctor. These tips have helped many feel peaceful and have a clear mind; but, each individual and situation is unique; therefore, we are not responsible for your results.

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