Self Care – Not for Whimps

Self Care is not for Whimps. 

You know and understand that being pro-active and taking action every day for your business is the only way that success happens.  So the last thing you want to think about is taking time out for Self Care.

Actually that is absolutely why Self Care is a must.  The emotional attitude that your clients and customers radiating from you needs to be at a high level to keep them happy…. and loyal to the products you are offering.  Any type of dip in that emotional connection sends them looking else where.

What’s a few days missed from your self care time, really going to hurt?

You really think that you have stress wrapped around your finger and are immunized to all of it’s emotional effects,…right?   Wrong!  Self Care is a daily event.  This lack of self care brings days where you find yourself too exhausted to even think of doing something for yourself.  Perhaps you have experienced the symptoms of an anxiety attack brought on by the buildup of worries and excessive thinking.  No on is immunized from stress; but paying attention to your warning signs will keep you from losing touch with your goals and with the ones you love.

Are you ready for a change?

Have you stopped to think what your life will become if you keep doing what you have always done?  Are you committed enough to your well-being to be pro-active and put yourself first for just a few minutes each day?

If you are ready to feel different and see a real positive change take away those feelings of exhaustion or lack of enthusiasm, then Click Here to listen to the first 6 minutes of a guided relaxation.  This is self care made quick and simple.  Our Heart Tones cd runs a short 19 minutes clearing out the fog of early morning and helping you to find your perfect focus.

b14dce275772ea6b672cb581974061d1The first track on this cd is a narration with music.  Its primary focus is to clear, energize and help one feel motivated for the day.

The other tracks are the same music from the cd without narration.  Perfect for back ground music, giving you the same benefits for refocusing and motivating throughout the day.

For more on this cd Click Here


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