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b14dce275772ea6b672cb581974061d1Heart Tones

Heart Tones are what I call the inner source of determination, strength, belief and drive.  It is that part of  us that decides change is possible, and then couples that with sincerity, and determination to accomplish the goal.

You may have a wheel barrel full of desire but if your heart tones are weak, all the mental will power will do nothing but cause you to spin your wheels and get no where fast.   Any form of Self sabotage and procrastination will often stem from weak heart tones.

One the first track of this CD, Heart Tones, I take the client through a 15 minute imagery that helps to shift out of feeling sluggish and burned out.  The music helps to create a transformation that clears the emotional connection to thinking such as lack, victim, unattainable, my needs don’t really matter, barely getting by in life, and other forms of negative thinking.

You know that it takes regular exercise to keep a body fit, the same is true with our emotional, mental, and energetic body’s. To retain strength and a peace of mind, a routine must be established. A daily practice of listening to this CD (Heart Tones) along with Serene Tones or Comfort will build an emotional foundation of confidence, purpose, patience, and a stronger ability to be focused.

First Track is a 15 minute guided imagery done with the music. The next 5 tracks are the music alone without the spoken imagery.


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