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 Have at your figure tips a Personal Relaxation Session.  Clears the body of stress

 The vibration that comes from certain notes resonates with the vibration frequency of our body creating a balance. While listening to the CD Serene Tones, clients have been able to support the health of their body by giving the mind a way to express, release and resolve buried emotions.

Serene Tones Intro.  A culmination of the musical vibration to calm and relax


The Musical sounds that resonate with the emotions of the Heart


Serene Tones is music that balances and clears the energy centers of the body; also known as Chakras. These centers start at the base of the spine and work up to the top of the head. The first center is at the base, second is just below the navel, third is at the diaphragm just below the breast, fourth is center of the chest around the heart, fifth is the throat, sixth is between the eye brows and seventh is at the top of the head. The music for each energy center is based on information given known as “Brainwave Octave with ‘stations'”. This was a study done which assigned a note that resonated with each of the chakras. The specific frequencies from this music assist these energy centers to illuminate congested energy, bringing a balance back to the strength of the center. Generational issues can also be addressed through this CD. Simply set the intent to clear an issue for yourself as well as other generations. Just as you make a shift in perception and energy, the energy pattern ripples out offering the same result to past and future generations. More information can be obtain through group classes or private sessions. Serene Tones works wonderfully in releasing many different kinds of emotions and limiting beliefs. The music will soothe the soul and help the mind, body and spirit to find a balance. Many practitioners have recommended this CD to adults as well as children who need help in allowing the body to release non-productive, stored-up feelings and emotions.

How to use:

Many have reported that playing the CD as one goes to bed helps the brain to move to the lower brainwave states of Theta and Delta giving greater ability to release stress. It may also be played in the background throughout the day to bring a sense of peace while calming tense surroundings. Teachers have used this CD in the classroom to settle down disruptive students as well as increase the minds ability to focus. Works well to use this music along with other stress releasing practices such as Emotional Freedom Technique, and other holistic practices. What you may notice: a sense of calming and peacefulness quickly settles into the body. May become more motivated and energized as stressful energy clears from the body.


Serene Tones Cd    $20.00  This Cd is a clearing session every time you use it.  Helps to relax and balance

Music Testimonials

“I was introduced to Serene Tones 4 years ago. Since that time I do all of my deep meditations to it. I have it on my I-pod (so do my teenagers!) I walk into their bedrooms at night and they have it playing to prepare them for bed. I listen to it during my meditative moments throughout the day “Meditate on the Go”. I have had my most profound spiritual moments using this music as an entry point into spirit realm. Because I have programmed my brain to meditate while it is playing, it can now literally transform me into level very quickly and my chakras receive a tune up at the same time! I also write my book while listening to Serene Tones as it puts me in the realm of inspiration. I have all my clients get the CD on their first appointment because of the benefits of programming your mind to it during meditation.” Thank you Gary for sharing your God-given gift of music!” Sandra Baker, Master Rapid Eye Tech/Trainer, Intuitive Healter, Life Coach “I have greatly appreciated Serene Tones. I find myself yearning to hear it over and over because of how it makes me feel. Specifically, it assists my body to relax. It helps me sleep on nights when insomnia or a chattering mind try to reign. It brings a stillness within, which opens me to the higher vibrations. It brings peace to my soul. It enhances my Tai Chi practice. There is a carry-over effect that stays with me after I have listened to the music. In short, it is one of the most effective tools I have found for my healing journey. It is the enjoyable treat to myself that I can anticipate whenever I so choose.” Judy Jones Idaho Falls, Idaho

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