Impact of Music to Heal and Clear

Music has a strong affect on the body.  Music can evoke memories and it is being used as a wonderful therapeutic tool.

Music reduces stress and pain

Scientific studies have shown that music therapy helps to relieve pain and reduce stress and anxiety for the patient.  This results in physiological changes such as improved respiration, lowered blood pressure, improved cardiac output, reduced heart rate, and relaxed muscle tension.

The amount of pain killer that was used during surgery was dropped in half because of using music.  Music helped victims of Stroke, Cerebral Palsy and Parkinson’s disease recover body functions.  People with Alzheimer’s disease found that music helped them sleep better.  Cancer patients have also found the power of music to alleviate pain and discomfort  as well as stimulate the process to heal.

Not all music is created equal

When an individual picks music that is familiar to them they end up thinking about the words, as well as the event or time that is attached to that particular song or piece of music.  This keeps the beta-waves (our thinking mode) engaged focusing in on the words and memories.  Therefore, you are unable to truly relax because the mind is still in thinking mode.

True Relaxation

If you were to pick an unfamiliar piece of music, the beta-waves would begin to lower simply because there is nothing for them to do.  Since these sounds are unfamiliar, the mind will now allow the alpha waves to kick in creating a period of true relaxation.

Serene Tones was created with this in mind.  Down the spine are several nerve bundles all going off to different areas of the body.  It is said that each area has a different frequency, a vibrational impact on the body.  These vibrations are the same sound as the notes on a scale of music.  Each selection of music played on this cd is played uses one of the note  from the scale, as its main component.

When the nerves of the body feel the similar vibration produced from these notes, a process called sympathetic vibration occurs.  One might say that as you listen to different notes from music the body its self is being “tuned”.

A Dutch Scientist, Christian Huygens in 1665 discovered a term called Entrainment while working on the design of the pendulum clock.  He discovered that when he placed two clocks on the wall next to each other and swung the pendulums at different rates, they eventually started swinging at the same rate.

The Gift music has to use its power of Entrainment

assists in pulling out those deep buried emotions.

The cd Comfort could be classified as entrainment music because it has the potential to

  1. connect or resonate with the listener’s feelings,
  2. give the body and emotion recognition and then transform negative into positive
  3. provides a path towards a state of serenity or liveliness.

Take for example, you’ve had a really bad day, maybe something traumatic has happened, or perhaps you just are feeling a little blue and you can’t seem to get out of this emotional low,  Comfort was written with the ability to match these lower feelings/frequencies.

The tones give a sense of acknowledgment for what and how they feel.

Once that acknowledgment is there, the emotional body let’s go allowing the graceful moment back to a higher frequency of peaceful, calming state.

Every time you listen to these cds your body is reminded of the ability and power to let-go and create something different.

Listen and Learn More

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The Information below is from and Article written by Amy Camie of Scientific Arts

Familiar vs. Non-Familiar Music / Beta Waves (16-23 Hz & Alpha Waves (8-12 Hz)

Familiar music has a tendency to keep beta waves active as we associate it with memories.
Unfamiliar music has a tendency to increase alpha brain waves that promote relaxation.
Sometimes a familiar piece of music will bring comfort and relaxation to us because it feels safe.

Tone vs. Music or Song

Tones affect the physical body first and the emotions and mind second.  Music or song influence the emotions and mind first and the physical body second.

The Human Voice

Charges the body while simultaneously releasing tension and emotions from the body.

“Music is a powerful tool to help bring balance back into our physical, emotional, mental, creative and spiritual systems.  It is a vibrational language to which every part of our bodies feel and respond – with or without our conscious awareness.  Music can soothe, calm, irritate, agitate, motivate, console, inspire, terrify, u0plift, relax, etc. all through the concepts of resonance, sympathetic vibration, forced resonance and entrainment.  As we increase our awareness of these concepts, we increase our awareness of how to more effectively integrate the use of music and sound into our daily lives.”


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