Digital Video – Rock or Candy

What do you choose?

Audio/Video – What’s it going to be, Rock or Candy?

30 Min. Lecture

What is all this talk about the importance of our thoughts?  How do they really affect our health anyway?  Can’t I just think positive thoughts all during the day and everything will be alright?

This cd answers these questions and more.  Our conscious mind is only 10% of our thoughts.  The other 90% is found in our subconscious.  Often we are not even aware of how a subconscious perception is dictating and controlling our life.  Are you feeling drained and a loss of energy?  Maybe even foggy?  Our thoughts send out chemicals throughout the body which are a direct link to how we feel.

Add Bonus Video:  90 Second “Daily Meditation“.  A quick video to set your intention for the day feeling relaxed and focused.

Click the “Buy Now” button below to listen digitally to both Videos for only $19.95

(Price includes both videos…”What’s it going to be, Rock or Candy?” and the “90 Second Daily Meditation”)

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