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Mental fitness is what keeps you resilient and happy and my goal is to inspire You!

Real Positive Change can teach you creative methods for building mental fitness for life to navigate the negative, accentuate the positive, and inspire change around you.

You know that the energy and stamina to create a great life is not found in an Energy drink, but rather in a daily routine of mental fitness… the kind of fitness that makes dreams come true and goals happen.

Mental fitness is more than your thoughts.  It is your emotional strength, your energy level, and your resilience level.

Learning how to transform your mind is not complicated, but it does take practice and coaching.  Learning how to cultivate the mental fitness to stay relaxed and resilient is well worth your effort and time for keeping your momentum moving forward & accomplishing your goals.

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 Think of a time when you’ve been working on a project and you become so absorbed that you completely lost all sense of time. You were in a state of flow.

The flow is a highly focused mental state conducive to productivity.  Being in the flow has been known to reduce anxiety, boost your mood, and even slow down your heart rate.

Learn more about my over the phone coaching to lift the weight of heavy perceptions that rob your ability to step into this flow and feel healthier and happier.

Ever wish you could have a “do-over” on how you handled a situation?

Thoughts and Words are so important!   Check out this page for info about coaching on…

How to stay positive and navigate the negative.

The journey of creating a “Healthier You” starts with a daily routine of mental fitness.  Creating and following through with your Daily Routine is what will keep you on track.

Why? Because 95% of what we do is engineered from the subconscious. Master your mind…You create the experiences in life you want.   

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The overall effect of your daily routine is impacted by daily thoughts. Staying one step ahead of all the negativity can be exhausting. That is why I start out each day with something inspiring, positive, and motivational…I created a process… Cre8 Reminders©.

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