Team Building

Real Positive Change uses the power of “Team play”

to build connection and communication between Business owners, management and employees with Quick, Easy, Fun classes.

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Team Building Activities……FUN, ENERGETIC, AND CREATIVE ways to unleash the imagination and make problem-solving easy


Real Positive Change coaches individuals and corporate leaders through team building experiences that will develop stronger Customer/Client connection.

Happy customers and positive feedback gives you a stronger
competitive edge over your competitors. 


“Cathy, I was totally amazed at your style of communication skills with our class. Through the group interaction exercises you had for our class, we saw first hand the powerful and effective realization of team work. You let us see how this is a Life skill in our personal life and the work place.”
“Thank you,”
Lisa Ham
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2 Keys Elements to success is to get your message across and build relationships

It’s been stated that people only pick up 7% of  your message by listening to the words you are saying.  So….what about the other 93%?

That 93% is known as NON-VERBAL communication.  They are listening to the tone of your voice, your facial expressions, and the movement of your body.   With this in mind, consider what you are really telling them.  Are you really giving the message you desire to give?

“The Secret to Change is to Focus all of your Energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the New.”     Socrates



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Real Positive Change™ is quick because we work directly with your energy of your thoughts and emotions.   A much different experience than traditional “talk” therapy or personal coaching which tends to go over the same issues, and can take along time. **Self-care generates an attitude of happiness which improves personal and professional relationships. **Self-care illuminates greater self-worth. **Create healthy Self Care habits to improve your health, and amp-up your business **Feel confident as you live principles of health and wellness

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