Stress Relief for Worry, Anxiety, & When You Can’t Sleep At Night

Worried, Stressed, Can’t sleep? 

We all want stress relief. The amount of stress that we face each day is amazing.  More kids are being diagnosed with anxiety disorders, than ever before.  Yes, I believe it has a lot to do with diet and exercise, but many personalities are very sensitive to the situations around them. Rather than turning to some type of self-medication, you can learn how to manage the anxiety and find relief from stress.

18 years ago I began my training in what is known today as the field of Positive Psychology.  The basis of my work, is to build a stronger resistance against the impact of daily stress on the mind and body.

Throughout the years I have found that no matter the age or the profession, when you want to improve your level of performance, no matter the what area of your life that may be, the answer can never be found looking outside of ourself.  However, rather than blaming and becoming a victim of circumstances, you can gain quicker results by addressing the reaction that is going on inside of your mind, about the situation.

Change your perception, leads to a change in your reaction, and then the situation loses its domination of power.

Stress Relief

I have brought my work home.  My family has benefited from using this technique for over 17 years now.  It is quick, and works well when we become worried and anxious over life situations.  This is one of my daughter’s “go -to”, when she begins to obsess over classes, her music, well…basically everything.  She says “I use it when I can’t sleep at night, and it has really helped my test anxiety.” 

Music is a major part of our family.  My husband as a pianist, has performed with major bands, and performers in the US and Europe.  So, when our children begin to express a desire to use their talent, we have been to be a part of their growth. Our youngest daughter loves to sing, but very few people know that she struggles with performing anxiety.  She is a perfectionist, which tends to increase her stress, making it hard for her to relax and enjoy her talent.  She has benefited over the years using the techniques that I teach her, to improve her grades in school, and now it is helping her to improve her singing.  She has learned to make it a priority to Focus on her Mindset, Attitude, helping her desire and giving her the confidence to sing. Sharing her voice is her passion, which you can see in this video taken from a 11 grade school concert.


Watch this short intro talking about how she handles her stress created by OCD, and performance anxiety .

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Focusing on her Mindset, Attitude, and pure desire is what has given her the confidence to sing. Sharing her voice is her passion, yet she use to struggle with perfection anxiety.

Warning: Never do this technique while driving or operating equipment.  By using this technique you take full responsibility for it’s application.

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