DIY Quick Stress Release Training


Steps to do Before you start the release technique

  1. Give your feeling a number – Determine on a scale that goes from 0 to 10 how you are feeling right now – (zero meaning feeling fine, and ten meaning that you are feeling upset.  Are you a 10 or somewhere inbetween?  Determine the number so you have something to gauge your progress)
  2. Think of a few words to describe the uneasy feeling  you are feeling right now.

You are ready to begin the procress.

  1.  Move your eyes back and forth several times   (5-7 times)
    • What to say while you move your eyes back and forth:  REALEASE ____________  (Fill the blank in with the words your thought of.  Example.  “Release frustration, unfair, angry, upset, annoyed)
  2. Shut eyes tight…then open    (repeat 3 times while saying nothing)
  3. Take a deep breath in and exhale. (repeat 3 times while saying nothing)
  4. Stop and assess where you are on that emotional scale.  Are you still up in the high numbers?  Have if dropped and if so what number would you say you are at now?
    • Keep repeating the same process untill you feel that the emotional energy has droopped down to a two, one or zero

When you have dropped the emotional energy

  1. Think of a statement that is opposite of how you were feeling when you started the process. and repeat it over several times in your mind.  IMPORTANT…  Always start the statement with “I am….”