Great Ideas for Storing Art Supplies

How to store my art supplies and keep organized is an on-going task.

I like to be able to see what I have…but having my supplies out where I can see what I have creates a feeling of confusion and makes it hard for me to create.

2 tips to help stop the clutter in your art space.

TIP 1: Group for Easy Focus

A quick way to find what you want is to Group things by categories.

I have ALL of my papers in plastic buckets. They are contained but, I have to go through each one to find what I want.

Separating them by color, or theme would be much more affective. A container of green papers would make life easier; as well as, a container of things that related to a theme or topic. For example, I could have a box with everything that was associated with trees.

TIP 2: Find ONE location to store things.

Not everyone has a room to hold all of their art supplies. Therefore, supplies can be stored in different locations making it hard to find everything you need.

I remember a friend using a hall closet to store ALL of her sewing/craft supplies. I was so impressed when I opened the door and there was her little studio with everything she needed to be creative. Another idea is furniture that is no longer in use such as old TV cabinets. I was impressed with how this cabinet was transformed into a mini studio. (Owner unknown. I saw it on Facebook as I strolled through my feed)

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