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20131203_212018aYou know those days that you feel like you have hit a brick wall.  You are not sure of what to do next.  All of your ideas have vanished and you are left doubting yourself and your abilities. Don’t quit!  You’ve uncovered an buried thought that has taken you from being a strong creator in your thinking to feeling like a victim of your circumstance.  So STOP stressing and step back into creating.

An insight about our thoughts

While studying some of the customs in the Jewish culture I found myself fascinated by their rich symbolic meaning. One particular ritual has changed the way I now choose to view my body and ultimately my health. This particular custom focuses on the way in which they were taught to keep record of the amount of hardship, sadness, and grief that they each would experience during their life.

My understanding of the custom is that each Jewish child is given a small bottle that is about 1” to 1 ½” tall. This bottle is of great importance, so much that they are to hold on to it up until the time of their death. Its purpose is to collect one tear for every time that they experience grief, sadness or some type of turmoil throughout their life.

The individual collects a tear not only from themselves, but also from anyone else that experiences this sadness along with them. Tears were collected in the bottle up to the time of their death, as well as a tear from everyone that attended their funeral.

This bottle was then buried with the individual. The intent was that they would take the bottle back to God to show Him the great amount of sorrows, turmoil and grief that they had experienced throughout their whole life. My understanding is that this was their way of proving to God that their life was exceptionally hard and how much they had to endure.

Years ago, while teaching this concept, my friend Donna Neilson, author of Beloved Bridegroom, expanded my vision as she expounded on the woman in the New Testament who bathed the Savior’s feet with her tears. She, in essence, is emptying her tear bottle at the Savior’s feet. This act of service stated her willingness to give to Him all of her sorrow, grief, and hardships. She was demonstrating her faith and trust in Him, and in who he was, to take these precious tears back to God in her behalf.

A Product of our Thoughts

I found myself pondering on this imagery of how our own bodies are often referred to as vessels in the scriptures, and that we become a product of our thoughts, whether they are on a conscious, or a subconscious level. A light went on in my mind of a concept that was not widely known then, but is common knowledge now.  That concept is the knowledge that our bodies are a physical manifestation of events, and perceptions, that have been recorded and stored on a cellular level.  So basically saying that, our body is a symbol of all that we have suffered and had to endure through our journey called life. Our body is one HUGE TEAR BOTTLE.

Fooling Ourselves

Too often we fool ourselves into believing that past experiences no longer have control over our emotional state of mind. Through our own individual processes of finding peace we feel that we have given away our anger, frustrations, and our sorrows; unaware that all we have done is simply bury them deep within us. These buried emotion is connected to a thought, a perception, which held over time creates stress to the mind and our bodies functions.  This stress held over time will eventually lead to a cellular break down, causing disease in the body.

To give you a visual demonstration, I will take a quart mason jar and begin tapping lightly on its side with a metal spoon. The vibration that resonates from the jar is a high pitch. I then add water to fill the jar in increments of 1/4th demonstrating how the pitch lowers each time that the water has been added. Our body vibrates at its own frequency. This frequency begins to lower and become sluggish the more stress that we choose to hold within.

Viewing our body symbolically as a tear bottle, illuminates the effects that stress plays not only in illness, but also in weight gain, attitude changes.  Through this visual, we can see a direct result from our attempt to bury and store self defeating perceptions and emotions.

The changes and outward manifestation of the internal chaos and disorder is ever so gradual that we are rendered totally unaware of what is happening to our body. This inner pandemonium slows down our level of energy, weakening our desire to progress in all aspects of our life, ultimately keeping us from realizing and reaching our maximum potential.

The Power of Each Thought

I feel that it is important to understanding the principle that each and every thought has power to create a positive or negative result in the body, and that by emptying our mind of these negative thoughts and perceptions, could also be the remedy that rids our body of unwanted extra pounds.

So pay attention to your own personal thoughts, fears and perceptions which create an internal environment of wanting to protect yourselves or create a barrier between you and what you subconsciously view as a threat. This gives you a starting point from which your path of discovery begins.

One simple thought, small and insignificant, could be compared to a mustard seed. They both appear so unimportant, but when nourished both have the potential to develop into something very large. The mustard plant has been known to grow in height up to 15 feet; pretty amazing, all that from such a tiny seed.

From a Christian perspective, the scriptures, teach how important and powerful our thoughts are. For example, Proverbs 23:7 “For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he:….”, and Mark 7:23 “All these evil things (motivations) come from within, and defile the man.

A Perception Created with Each Thought

With each thought our mind creates a perception which in turn will create an emotion. A perception simply becomes something that our mind associates with from our past experiences. Every experience, everything you have ever seen, heard, tasted, smelled, felt, or even thought of positive or negative is recorded in your subconscious mind.

The early stages of our life create experiences which get filed away in our memory, creating the foundation for which future conclusions are made. These conclusions become your perception of reality.

I think of the scripture in Revelation that speaks of another book being opened, that other book could be our body revealing all the information that it has recorded and stored. It is just as if we were opening up the bottle and creating a pathway for which light may enter in.

The act of bringing a hidden obstacle into the light is of great importance. An individual desiring to overcome a habit or addictive behavior must first come to an acknowledgement that the issue or substance has taken power over them. This step may be difficult due to the shame and humiliation that is often felt. “The night is far spent, the day is at hand: let us therefore cast off the works of darkness, and let us put on the armour of light.”[1] The armour of light being Jesus Christ

I am grateful that we have the ability to give away those experiences that are not serving us well. “Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed.[2]

The Light the Illuminates a Dark Sky

How grateful one becomes for the moon and stars that illuminate the sky when darkness begins to fall around them. So it is with unconditional awareness for our personal thoughts. What is unconditional awareness? Unconditional awareness is the ability to say, “What is the lesson I am wanting to learn?”, rather than becoming bogged down with judgment and guilt over your thoughts. A courage that lights ones mind when they choose to become aware

Disconnect the Thought, Break the Circuit

The ultimate goal is to disconnect the thought in our mind that creates a circuit of repeating the same information over and over. The continual repeating of this energy information charges up an emotion which goes from the brain directly into the body.

Our brain is filled with endless numbers of neuro-pathways that over time have become enforced by thoughts, perceptions and habits which are repeated over and over. To change the neuro-pathways one must introduce an alternate route in which the signal may travel, basically we must create a new thought to replace the present thought.

I tell my clients that there is a split second, right between the acceptance of a thought and the attached perception which follows. This split second is crucial; it is called “the moment of choice.” A choice as to how one chooses to perceive what is happening at that particular moment, recognizing that this perception will produce a flood of emotions to follow. Once you start to understand this “moment of choice” we begin to take control over what we want to experience mentally as well as emotionally. You become a creator rather than a victim in your thinking; an influencer who seeks to create a Real Positive Change


These thoughts and tools have been successful for myself, family and many others as we daily release our tear bottle of old emotional baggage.


There have been numerous studies using an electroencephalogram (EEG) to measure brain-wave activity and how it can be affected by music. The two brain-waves most commonly discussed are the Beta, which is full awareness, our cognitive thinking; and the Alpha which could be explained as a “relaxed alertness” or daydreaming.

When an individual picks music that is familiar to them they end up thinking about the words, as well as the event or time that is attached to that particular song or piece of music. This keeps the beta-waves engaged focusing in on the words and memories. They continue to work rather that allowing the mind and body to relax. If the individual were to pick an unfamiliar piece of music, the beta-waves would begin to lower because they would not have anything to do; this would induce a calming state over the body. These sounds which are unfamiliar to the mind will now become associated to a period of relaxation; therefore, allowing the alpha-waves to kick in. It only takes the mind about four minutes to reach this peaceful state and that is why I play Serene Tones for my clients.

Music can cross barriers.

Some music is filled with light while other music can be destructive to an individual’s mental and emotional state as well as their health. I have seen people who through their choice of music have become agitated and very angry. And I have seen people who feel their mind and body totally relaxing because of the effects that certain notes have on their energy field. Studies have proven that music can modify behavior positive or negative besides help to raise or lower one’s attitude; a welcome relief for those who suffer from depression.

Music is life.

It is filled with energy vibrations that create beats, pulse, rhythm, melody, harmony, time and space. Music transforms our thoughts. It gives the listener the ability to be taken back to a specific time and place. Music has the ability to communicate, to empathize, and to elicit understanding far greater than the spoken word ever could. The music of the cd Comfort touches those inexpressible emotions bringing a welcome sense of recognition.

Our brain is divided in half, each side having a separate and different function. The left side holds your beliefs, values, and expectations. It controls language and reading skills besides gathering information and processes it. It does the speaking and solving. The right side is the artistic side. It is spontaneous, intuitive, non-verbal, visual and spatial. It holds all the pictures as well as all our emotions and memories which are attached to those pictures. For one to be balanced and enjoy the most out of life, the brain must utilize the functions of both sides, sending messages back and forth, each working and harmonizing together. Music has the power to integrate both sides creating a balance which then transmits throughout the body.

Often times we have a tendency to want to struggle through life, not relying on the assistance offered to us from God. Our independent nature causes us to act alone, calling upon our own strengths and wisdom. In no time, our mental rhythm is off and disrupting the harmonizing of the rest of the orchestra we call our body.  Certain types of Music is heavens gift that encourages our constantly moving thought frequencies to move back into a calm balance and a place of peace.


Dictionary .com defines creativity has

  1. the state or quality of being creative
  2. the ability to transcend traditional ideas, rules, patterns, relationships, or the like, and to create meaningful new ideas, forms, methods, interpretations, etc.; originality, progressiveness, or imagination

Creativity is the different forms and processes, when applied will fuel the mind to create an image that can be brought to reality.



[1] Romans 13:12

[2]James 5:16

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