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Cathy Freeman – Real Positive Change  Cathy is mentor, trainer, author and speaker.  Cathy’s work over the years has led her to develop a process known as Cre8 Reminders©. Cre8 Reminders© is an intuitive journaling process that focuses on changing personal perceptions and thoughts which create stress and anxiety.

Early in Cathy’s career, her mentoring work drew those individuals, who in their childhood experienced abuse in its many forms.  Her skills and passion for the work helped them to find freedom from their past, and a hope for a brighter future.

From personal experience she has the ability to work with children and adults who are extra sensitive to their surroundings.  The skills that she teaches them has been a great blessing to their families as these individuals develop new coping skills.

Cathy, and her husband Gary, have six children, five of who are now living.  As parents they have had the opportunity to experience raising children who struggle with OCD, anxiety, and other emotional stressors.

Both have a strong testimony of the healing power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ, which came during time of grief and suffering due to the sudden death of their teenage daughter.   It was during this time that led by the Spirit, Gary created his original music cd called Comfort.  Cathy now uses to bless others who are finding themselves dealing with highly emotional situations.

If you ask Cathy how she managed? She tributes her ability to rise above the ashes to our Savior’s grace, which has not only healed her heart, but has given her a greater understanding in her work to help others.

Cathy is a warm, captivating and energetic speaker.  She has a natural ability to draw the audience into the topic, evoking a compelling, practical and inspiring message of hope, over-coming obstacles and greater achievement.  She has privately and group coached for the last 18 years in areas of:

  • How our successes and failures stem from the choice of thought and mental pictures created in the mind;
  • The ability to Clear Mind Clutter to stop anxiety….and
  • How to build your own personal self-care routine.

It has been a privilege of Cathy to speak and teach the youth of her church over the last 6 years on these topics of how their emotions are simply a result of their thoughts.

“We all know Change is going to happen.  You will either create it, or it will end up creating YOU…for better or worse!”  Cathy Freeman 

Cathy Freeman’s experience and training:

2001  Emotional Freedom Technique

2002  Rapid Eye Technology

2005  Personal Fitness Specialist – The Cooper Institue, Dallas Tx

2007  First book Bottle of Tears Vessel of Light – Overcoming self defeating thoughts and behaviors

2008  Reflexology from the Stone Institute, St. Louis Mo.

2009  Aromatherapy – Center for Aromatherapy

2010  Trained as a Sandtray Therapist

2002-Present:  Private & Group Coaching,

Recently: On-line courses.

Owner of Real Positive Change… Creator of Cre8 Reminders©

Self Care – Stop the effects of stress, BE YOUR HEALTHIEST YOU! Creating a Life WELL LIVED.

Trainer/Speaker:  Idaho Falls, Idaho;  Dallas, Texas;  Tyler, Texas; Springfield, MO., St. Louis, MO., Branson,     Hollister MO; Salt Lake City, UT., Provo, UT.


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