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Cathy Freeman – Real Positive Change™   As an Intuitive Mentor, trainer, author and speaker, Cathy’s focused purpose is to awake the realization that there is no limits to the amount of good health, great relationships, satisfying accomplishments and your ability to influence and impact others. The only limitations exist in your mind and are carried throughout your body’s energy system giving you the response of fear, self-doubt, and failure.

As your emotional attitude sends a message of confidence, you invite others to acknowledge the realization that they matter and that even the slightest effort toward making a simple change for good, will impact their life and create an enormous rippling affect that will reach farther than one can ever imagine.

Early in Cathy’s career her mentoring work seemed to draw those individuals who in their childhood experienced abuse in its many forms.  Her skills and passion for the work helped them to find freedom from the past and the awakening to the possibility of a life open to accomplished dreams and great discovery.  Her ability to work with and train children and adults, who are extra sensitive to their surroundings and the events that present themselves in life, has been a great blessing to families as these children develop new coping skills.

During the early years of raising six children opened her eyes to the impact and lasting benefits that a simple personal change would create for her present family and future generations.  Once one becomes aware of what is not working the small simple acts that allows one to navigate toward a different direction brought peace, great joy and love in the home.  Cathy believes everyone is a leader by the simple fact that there is always someone watching, observing and learning.  For this reason, to make strong, positive, lasting impressions for greater personal health and a happier life is her primary reason for teaching the programs she has developed.

Cathy’s motto is “Live Real, Stay Positively Focused and Be the Change that makes a Difference in the World”. As a speaker and trainer of creating positive change in every aspect of your life, she is uplifting, motivating and inspiring.  Her signature programs and systems, Easily Confident ™  and  GLOW™, are simple, yet very effective in shifting ones perceptions from “only dreams of the possibilities” to a movement of compelling belief and dynamic action.  She has an intuitive ability for hearing the level of emotional effectiveness that emanates from an individual, than redirects their Thought Energies ™ to create a greater, esteemed influence and a successful, lasting transition.

Cathy is a warm, captivating and energetic speaker.  She has a natural ability to draw the audience into the topic, evoking a compelling, practical and inspiring message of hope, over-coming obstacles and greater achievement.  She has privately and group coached women and children for  the last 12 years in areas of:

  • How our successes and failures stem from the choice of mental pictures created from the mind;
  • How calming the mind by clearing the clutter of overwhelm enlivens one to be more inspired and intuitive.
  • How to clear anxiety and create the kind of self that is happy to be who they are born to be.
  • How to see that a tiny, inner spark, which if fanned, will flame into great achievement and lasting change.

Her talks inspire trust in oneself and motivation to bring on a lasting change.

“We all know Change is going to happen.  You will either create it, or it will end up creating YOU…for better or worse!”  Cathy Freeman

Cathy Freeman’s experience and training:


2001  Emotional Freedom Technique


2002  Rapid Eye Technology


2005  Personal Fitness Specialist – The Cooper Institue, Dallas Tx


2007  First book Bottle of Tears Vessel of Light – Overcoming self defeating thoughts and behaviors


2008  Reflexology from the Stone Institute, St. Louis Mo.


2009  Aromatherapy – Center for Aromatherapy


2010  Trained as a Sandtray Therapist


2002-Present:  Private & Group Coaching – in personal & by phone.


Owner of Real Positive Change… Live Real, Stay Positively Focused and                                                           Be the Change that makes a difference in the World!




Trainer/Speaker:  Idaho Falls, Idaho;  Dallas, Texas;  Tyler, Texas; Springfield, MO., St. Louis, MO., Branson,                                Hollister MO; Salt Lake City, UT., Provo, UT.


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