Art is Self Care that renders Positive Growth

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Artist: Linda Wheadon. I have always been drawn to this piece of work created by my aunt Linda Wheadon. To me it represents that we are made up of many parts… and the deeper we look the more we see.

My Videos from heART Party:

Thursday’s Classes

Watch the video below. It is a recap of the first day of our heART party. I added these sweet Valentines and a demonstration of how to use paste, ink and paper in creating this mixed media project.

Video demonstration of how I painted her with watercolor.

Pattern to Download

Friday’s Class

Prep – Videos

STEP 1: Collage your background

STEP 2: Make the Garland

STEP 3: Create the Project


Wednesday’s Warm-up Classes – offered before the event

First Wednesday – Fun Backgrounds

Second Wednesday – Watercolor Abstract Landscape

Third Wednesday – Art Journal Ideas

Angels Created December 2021

Art & the Written Word

This artwork was given to me. It is created from all of the verses in the Book of John in the Bible.

Just like this piece of artwork, we too are made up of thoughts…and it is from these thoughts that we create our Wellbeing.

Mental Fitness is what keeps you positive, happy, and filled with energy & motivation.

Mental Fitness starts with repeating strong, positive statements over & over throughout the day. This repeating process builds a thought pathway to delete negative perceptions being held in the subconscious.

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Click Here for free Coloring downloads and Journaling Prompts.

Below I have added videos that I used in my coaching practice to remind us of the power of our thoughts and the fact that our ability to create is always affected by our state of mind.

Often when I am creating a piece of art I get to a place in the process when I start to think that it is a chaotic mess. I am unsure of if it will turn out or not. This phase of the work is often referred to as “the ugly” phase. Why? Because you typically do not like what you are seeing. It is at that VERY MOMENT that I begin to remind myself to keep MOVING FORWARD….NOT TO GIVE UP and watch for the transformation. I remind myself that “all is well” and that the worse case scenario is that I will use parts of that project in another piece. So it is a WIN – WIN situation.

Chaos comes before the beautiful transformation.

SET A CLEAR COURSE by Focusing the mind (Visualization) and CHOOSE to let go of the stress