Self Care renders Positive Growth

Artist: Linda Wheadon. I have always been drawn to this piece of work by my aunt Linda. To me it represents that we are made up of many parts… and the deeper we look the more we see.

This artwork was given to me. It is created from all of the verses in the Book of John in the Bible.

Just like this piece of artwork, we too are made up of thoughts…and it is from these thoughts that we create our Wellbeing.

Mental Fitness is what keeps you positive, happy, and filled with energy & motivation.

Mental Fitness starts with repeating strong, positive statements over & over throughout the day. This repeating process builds a thought pathway to delete negative perceptions being held in the subconscious.

Our mind naturally gravitates to worries and problems. Just as exercise is good for our body, so is Intentionally repeating uplifting, positive statements.

[For myself, I focus on verses our of scripture and I create productive statements to replace what concerns that repeat over and over in my brain.]

Below are statements that I have created for myself, I call them Cre8 Reminders©. Statements that I choose to focus on to stop the thoughts that generate worry and anxiety.