Self Care

Here are a few tips to relax and help rejuvenate.


Fantastic for pulling out toxins from your body. Helps to refresh.

Warning: Be careful not to burn your feet with too hot of water. Soak only about 15 minutes or less. Staying in longer is not advisable because your feet will start to reabsorb the toxins in the water.


Deep breathing helps your mind and body to relax by getting more oxygen into your bloodstream. The other benefit is from visualizing your body relaxing and filling up with warm bright light from the sun.

Mental Fitness is what keeps you positive, happy, and filled with energy & motivation.

Mental Fitness starts with repeating strong, positive statements over & over throughout the day. This repeating process builds a thought pathway to delete negative perceptions being held in the subconscious.

Intentionally repeating these statements, you are infusing your mind with thoughts that will lift you mentally.

Try repeating these statements for the next few days and see how you feel.

Want to stay motivated and mentally fit?

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Music can heal

Gary and I have put together this digital package as a gift.  

This is for your own personal use and not to be copied or shared.

The goal of listening to this music is to give you a break from the situations causing you stress.  The music has been beneficial when one is going through a time of grieving, feeling overworked and exhausted, or when you are feeling anxious over a situation. It is as if the music is expressing emotions that you are unable to communicate.

  Track 1 from the Comfort CD


Fill in the form below to Download the above music and (5) Cre8 Reminders.  Cre8 Reminders© help to change the story that is going on in the mind which is creating those feelings of stress.  The other (4) can be seen at the bottom of this page.


  You will be able to download  (1) time.

The packet is for your personal use only.

Two Cre8 Reminders© found in the bundle