Julie’s Self Helps

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Emotions: anxiety, vulnerability, regret, responsible, resent, angry, grief, unfair, and “who am I to succeed.”

Statements to replace feelings that are associated with those words.

  1. Whatever the conflict maybe, I am choosing a neutral, peaceful existence that is full of belief.
  2. I am visibly grounded in my body as I experience this mortal existence. I am visible and all a glow. I see myself. I respect and honor myself and I respect and honor others.
  • I am taking the initiative to go forward and being openly visible.

The picture of Jesus holding someone is a strong symbol of love.

2nd Meeting

Click Here to open the Seven Needs Chart page

Start keeping track of which of the seven needs are demanding attention. You can tell simply by looking at the boxes that have black lettering to discover attitudes and actions that you may be facing.

There is a packet that I created in the online store, but You can create your own tracker in your journal by simply assessing on a daily basis any negative attitude or action.

This information will give you an idea of which need is lacking and needs attention. In each colored section (yellow, pink, peach, etc.)… the box that is at the far right and on top offers a few ideas of actions that can be done to improve that particular need.

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