Light the Way for Change (workshop)


Online Workshops in my Creative Center and Coaching    2020

Light the Way for Change 2020 is an online workshop designed to inspire you with ideas, tools, and skills around these four important areas of personal development. The workshop is fashioned to help you establish more creativity as a form of relaxation, as well as record-keeping, to support your personal development routine.


 Online workshops and coaching.  This online workshop is created to give you more knowledge of yourself and others.  There are four areas that the Savior Jesus Christ developed as He grew.  This workshop is tailored around those four areas and providing you creative ideas to develop a clear vision of what that looks like in your own personal life.  Focusing on one or just two areas leaves us incomplete; therefore, each week will spotlight one of the areas.

Are you seeking more balance this year?  For an individual to establish a sense of Wellbeing and Balance in their life, they must access the gifts of both sides of their brain. The left side focuses on details, so when you are planning and organizing you are accessing the benefits of the left side, but when you add creativity you jump over to your right side of the brain. Both sides are important for success. The key is to maintain balance which only comes from the ability to move back and forth rather than stay on one side or the other. The objective is for you to set your goals in motion as you apply the left side by planning out the details and then enhance those plans with the creativity inspired by your right side.

To maintain the enthusiasm and the momentum for any goal, one must keep a constant supply of energy and vitality, which is why this workshop is created with a good mixture of fun and learning. I will always bring you back to the importance of combining self-care and creativity.

In this workshop, our primary focus is to spark the flow of creativity with fresh teaching content that is uploaded each week to the online classroom. You will build a Creative Notebook filled with ideas, tools and simple creative projects to keep a record of your progress. It will be a fun way to keep a record of your own personal development.

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