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We each think differently and that is because of the different ways that we process information.  Each person uses all seven of these learning styles to create thought, but each of us is unique because we each use these thought processes in different amounts.   So when you describe yourself, you are always a combination and mixture of all seven.  The first learning style is considered your “doorway” into the mind.  It is the one that you use first.  This chart shows all seven and how that particular thought pattern receives information.

I have also included the Seven Basic Needs.   To feel happy, positive, and well balanced an individual will have all seven needs being met in some way.  When one or more of these needs are not met then there is a negative reaction to situations.  This chart will help to understand where a need might be lacking and why an individual is reacting in the way that they are.  Once you find the area that is missing attention then you will be able to take different kinds of actions to build up that particular area of focus.  Having this tool has helped me to respond to people’s negativity in a more productive, positive way as well as assisting me in having more tolerance and patience.