Best Time is the Present Time

If your saving it for something special....that time may never come. Live in the Present Moment, Be and Do your best now.
If your saving it for something special….that time may never come. Live in the Present Moment, Be and Do your best now.

We rob ourselves of precious time today, with too many thoughts of tomorrow.  Often in our attempt to feel comfort we spend minutes, even hours remembering the past, or daydreaming of the future. Although we may feel joy, neither of these are impactful to our happiness as living in the present.  Living in the moment… for right now.  This concept was magnified in my mind as I came across a story that was being retold by a husband.

After his wife died, he found a piece of clothing that she had bought nine years earlier on a trip they took together.  It still had a price tag on it, because she never wore it in those 9 years.   Why?  She was waiting to wear it to something special, you know, the right occasion.  How you ever found yourself ever doing the very same thing?   The “save it for just the right time” game, because you loved it and wanted to keep it for when you had a special occasion.

Now this woman will never get the chance to wear what she held so precious.  And even worse than that….her husband will never know the joy of seeing her enjoy something he obviously bought her, that he knew she loved.


The mindset of “waiting for the Right time”

We are all familiar with the quotes of “When it is the right time, things will happen.”  Or, “Wait patiently, good things come to those who wait.”   I do not know who the original author is of these old and familiar quotes.  But I do know, that I have used them many times in my life to help me wait out a project that was taking longer than I would have liked.  This type of patience is productive.

The “waiting ” we need to be cautious of, is the waiting that comes from fear.  The fear that if we use something, or do something……we will never have the chance to use it, or (do it) again.   It is as if we place an expiration date on items that say….only use for the VERY BEST moment in your life.  Well when is that VERY BEST MOMENT?

Personally I choose to make every moment the VERY BEST.  My intent each day is to live with a zest of enthusiasm that not only carries me forward on the path, but also energizes and motivates others to join in.

I choose to give myself and others the best of what I have to offer that very day….not holding back for fear that I will not have enough for another day.

Waiting for Success?

Success comes from acknowledging where you are Right Now   

How many times have you said, “I will be successful when I get ________________”.  Waiting for something to happen in the future, robs our awareness of the priceless leaning that accompanies the present moment.   I find that when I acknowledge the present, I feel a level of appreciation, of gratitude for what I am involved in, and what I am able to accomplish for that day,

(This is a powerful statement to meditate on through the day…”I am making the most of this moment and allowing the feelings of success to energize my attitude and motivation.”)   

Energizing Mood and Motivation

I have heard many business owners suggest that doing the mundane, you know that task that is least enjoyed on our list for the day… it first thing in the morning.  Getting it out of the way opens up more time for what you enjoy doing, and will actually help you get more accomplished that day.  Good ideas are simply “good ideas” until they are actually put into practice.  So to help me stop “thinking about” what I need to do, I take a moment and meditate on what I call, an Attitude Adjustment

What is an Attitude Adjustment?

An attitude adjustment is a quick way of turning an old perception into a new thought that is current and up today with where I am right now in my life.  These old perceptions will usually cause you to procrastinate, or stop all progress and productivity.   They are usually based on a fear of some kind.  Typically one that says….”If I do this ______, I might fail.”    You may think it sounds silly……but if you really took a moment to ponder on the reasons you are holding yourself back from some kind of accomplishment, you may find that It is an idea that that was accepted along time ago.  An idea that may have been useful then, but is no longer supporting you now, but your mind keeps running the buried tape recording over and over.

 Are you facing a dreaded job or task?  Here is an Attitude Adjustment Meditation to help: Let’s change the thought of Avoidance.  Avoidance is a perception, an attitude that will drain our energy, causing us to not do what needs to be done.  So lets replace it with this meditation….Take a moment and focus your thinking on these words.  I like to take deep breaths in through my nose and out through my mind as I am pondering on a new thought.  (often you may find yourself yawning as you breath.  This is the body’s way of releasing pinned up emotion.)

I feel an increasing of stamina replenishing my inner stores of strength.  This creates an affluent flow of moment, helping me to move forward on my path, and allowing others their journey.  I expect the best, transforming and prioritizing the events in my life.  I feel grounded in my personal direction, with a knowing of who I am and where I want to be.  I am able to show up each day offering and giving of myself with a genuine feeling of respect and honor.” Today I am stepping into the continuous flow of living more motivated.  More motivated to do those things that bring me greater health and well-being.”  

(Take in a deep breath while pondering) ….”I am truthful in my motive, speaking from the heart fearlessly.”


What are we all waiting for? 

So today let’s make a new declaration…..”Everything that is of any importance to me….I will do it NOW! ”  Say to yourself, “I am living in the present moment.  I am enjoying All of the ‘special’ things, right now.  No more waiting for tomorrow, because the best time is the Present time !”   

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