Positive Motivation by Design

Receive encouragement 7 days a week by text is like a daily hug from a friend.

And a great way to stop the impact of stress and anxiety.

Stress becomes harmful when there is NO relief or relaxation between each stressor.

Yes, we all experience stress and we are designed to react well to it. Stress is our inner alarm system alerting us to get motivated, as well as, prepares us to avoid danger.

However, continued long-term stress can have a damaging effect on your physical, mental and emotional health. Click here to read more about stress?

Real Positive Change can help you create that BREAK in your daily stress.

Positive Motivation by Design (Cre8 Reminders)- Receive relief each day

Each morning you can receive the encouragement and support to improve your mental fitness. A message coming to you as a text through the phone to start the day off right. This service is called “Positive Motivation by Design“. And the goal is to support you in the daily process of achieving success in building a happier, healthier, & more resilient you.

Now an easy way to Create Mental Fitness each morning. A new message comes each day through a text. RIGHT NOW You can save 50% off. Instead of paying $20.00 each month, you pay $10.00+tax,($10.84) each month you keep the service.

Feel a Positive Boost to Start Off Each Day.

Start each day with a digital statement from our texting program, “Positive Motivation by Design” to encourage mental fitness.

Join this program and each morning a text will show up on your phone. You’ll receive a mixture of quotes and specially designed statements created from words that have a high-frequency value. High-frequency? High-frequency words are words that impact the mind positively to build confidence and direct your thoughts to a healthy, motivational direction….. before you step out of the door.

When I consult individuals one-on-one, my main goal is to teach them how to change the image that is repeating negative perceptions over and over in their minds. Together we rewire the direction of thought from negative thoughts to ones that are inspiring and filled with encouragement.

When you can receive a daily text message… Each word is chosen to build a strong, positive neuro-pathways (thoughts). Each time a statement is read and pondered you improve your wellness, this is because healthier neuro-pathways are being built.

Samples of what customers have received through this service.

Another samples…

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What if I want to Stop the service?

It’s easy… either send me an email (cathy@realpositivechange.com) and title it, “Stop the Service”


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