Mastering the ability to create, communicate, and express oneself is a life long journey….

 Finding the correct words to communicate oneself can be a challenge and often the cause of many mis-understandings.  Sand Talk  is a very effective medium that gives a voice to those emotions and thoughts that are not so easy to express.

You do not have to be creative to be successful with Sand Talk.

What I love most about Sand talk is its ability create a picture that easily represents your hopes and desires, helps you to “see” your subconscious ideas and thoughts.

This method has been used to:


•solve problems
•get a fresh perspective on things
•overcome and unblock creativity
•identify emotions and subconscious thoughts2009_0310school0056

Why use this method?

Children as well as adults tend to express their feelings through their behavior. Through the process of Sand Talk, one can get right to the basic idea represented by the behavior. Rather than struggling to find the right words, one can find and image that represents what is trying to be expressed.


•The subconscious speaks in symbols, Sand Talk provides an avenue of expression.
•Sand Talk is a wonderful tool to reinforce the positive – giving some other mental image an opportunity to take root and bloom.
•Improves academic abilities. This technique will increase reading skills 20% when applied before reading exercises. I have seen a child’s score go from an F to a C after having three simple sessions.

Sand Talk becomes a great medium for problem solving and finding solutions, getting the creative juices going, as well as a way to release stresses created by different emotions.


“It is empowering to have the tools to help my children. The first session with my oldest son was a great learning experience for both of us. I had him do it before going to school. It was day 1 of the MAP test. He was able to clear how he viewed himself and his lack of confidence in himself and negative thinking into a positive mindset and see his self worth and see himself as a successful student. It was exciting to see him “transform” his tray. My son saw himself as the green dinosaur, feel overwhelmed, hands up to cover his ears, being surrounded by “big teachers” being yelled at. To being “an A student”.All 3 of my boys enjoyed doing this. I’m thankful to Cathy for teaching me how to use it so that I can help my whole family out. It is so easy and simple to do. Thanks Cathy for sharing your skills with me so that I can share them with my own family. Sand Talk is a great communicator between my boys and myself, knowing what they are thinking and feeling. The Sand Talk is 1 way of self-discovery between the conscious and self-conscious.”
Sally Dutton – Mother of 5


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