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Ready for a Change?…. Let’s Do It ! 

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What is New in my upcoming events and personal coaching?

 1. Coaching  (by phone)

We all have negative experiences. The question is how are you at navigating through them? Coaching is like talking with your BFF, but one who is trained to help you become aware of your own thoughts instead of giving advice.

Here is a pattern to remember….

  • There is the situation
  • The thought about the situation
  • The emotion about the situation
  • The action that is taken because of the thought and emotion
  • The results of your action

You only have control over the middle (3). That is where your change can begin.

There is power in having the guidance of a coach who can listen and pick up what you are not aware of. The ability to change happens much faster. My coaching calls give you clarity to understand perception/thought about that situation.  

Coaches are trained to hear what you do not.

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 Over the past 18 years I have helped people take the right action to change what is stopping their progress and feel real peace and positivity in their life.

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2. Cre8 Reminders© Online Workshop  

Light the Way for Change   

Three (3) months of online instruction  



Creativity puts you in the FLOW. The flow creates productivity

Real Positive Change – Cre8 Reminders© is a process that CHANGES your outlook and then automatically you change what has not been working.

  • Are You ready to let go of old ideas that have been shaping your future?
  • Are you ready to redesign your thinking and work from a basis of cultivating change instead of reacting to the crisis?  
  • Are you are ready to live each day from a place of positivity, and power?  

This program is perfect for anyone who enjoys planning, being creative, and is ready to create a change that will impact better outcomes in their life.

Ready for More of what you want this year?

Follow a routine and feel AMAZING!


Did you know that I have a digital store? Check out all of the great support there.

Click Here for The Digital Store. You can Download wonderful goodies...Personal Affirmations, & More.  

Now you can download digital Cre8 Reminders© that are created with your challenges in mind.  Let me explain what Cre8 Reminders are.

They are more than affirmations.  Each affirmation is crafted with specific words that are specifically grouped together to help you focus on a specific goal, and generate more energy and strength for changing the thought patterns in your mind.  That is HOW we get results that stick.

This process, Cre8 Reminders© takes you from where you are now, to achieving where you Want to Be… so much easier because you never lose your focus.

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