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No one likes Change.

One minute you feel in control and then life hits.  All of a sudden a wave of emotion floods in and you have no idea where these feelings are coming from.


You may not know consciously, but your subconscious knows. 

A thought surfaces from somewhere deep down inside your mind causing you concerns that you have no idea how to deal with. You feel it, but you can’t seem to put your finger on why or what could be the cause behind it.  

There is this undercurrent of worries that are creating anxiousness such as:

  • Fear of scarcity
  • Fear of what is going to happen now
  • Fear of being alone…the list goes on.

This feeling of anxiety is always there, but you cannot put your finger on what is causing it. You may not know consciously, but your subconscious knows and has been trying to lead you to it.  


I am Cathy – my work is to lower the impact of daily stress.  I teach skills that make change an easier process in people’s lives.  





Your mindset is your #1 influencer in life….

So, I designed Cre8 Reminders© to work with the subconscious mind, helping you to make significant changes. A process that allows you to see your situation with new eyes.

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“An unmastered mind is the Thief of Joy!”

The answer? Cre8 Reminders©.

Cre8 Reminders© offers a way of getting past the subconscious negative self-talk to cultivate more happiness and hope. Cre8 Reminders© is a simple way of emptying the emotional mental trash and replacing what was once stopping progress with something new that will boost motivation and productivity.


Stop Critical Thinking

 Daily I use the Cre8 Reminders© process to address emotions that may present themselves. These appear as anxiety, fears, and those nagging mental thoughts of never being enough that can hold me back from feeling accomplished and amazing.

Cre8 Reminders© boosts momentum and enthusiasm for goal achievement like wood adds fuel to a fire.

These Cre8 Reminders were created for different challenges that someone was facing. Would you like to Download these for Free? CLICK HERE


Cre8 Reminders© is:

  • a quick simple way of processing emotions triggered by thoughts and events.
  • an intuitive journaling technique.
  • a process to help refocus the mind that is challenged by OCD, Anxiety, ADD, & PTSD
  • eliminates thought patterns that contribute to weight gain, lack of productivity, relationship, and self-esteem issues.
  • a personalized crafted affirmation that focuses specifically on changing a current perception.
  • a way to visualize your hopes and dreams.

Below are a few samples:

The journey of creating a “Healthier You” starts with a daily routine of emotional health.


Building A Daily Routine is what keeps me on track

Why? Because 95% of what we do is engineered from the subconscious. Master your mind…You master your emotions… Master Your Emotions… You Ultimately Create the Experiences in Life You Want.