Online Quiz to Discover Your Order of Creating Thought – (Learning Style)

To find your own unique process thinking order

Choose how you prefer to answer the question (See “How to Answer” below)

When finished add up the score in each area and organize the Learning Style by the one that received the largest answer to smallest

Press the button and download the Quiz tracking sheet.

How to Answer –

🐝 Quickest way is to give an answer of Yes, or No next to each statement. Then at the end simply add up the total yes answer in each Learning Style.

  • Or, to be more specific……Rate each statement with a number between 1 and 5 according to how that statement describes you. A standard for each number is listed below. Record your numbers on the Quiz Tracking Sheet .
  • 1 – No, the statement is not at all like me
  • 2 – The statement is a little like me
  • 3 – The statement is somewhat like me
  • 4 – The statement is a lot like me
  • 5 – Yes, the statement is definitely me

Go with your first reaction when answering each question to get the most accurate results. Give a (yes, or a high score) to those things that you enjoy and a (no, or lower score) to the things you do not.  One thing to keep reminding yourself is that, you will not do this quiz wrong, because there are no wrong answers.


  1. I like to use a lot of different words to express myself.
  2. I feel comfortable working with language and words
  3. I enjoy crosswords and other word games like Scrabble
  4. I tend to remember things exactly as they are said to me.
  5. I enjoy participating in debates and / or discussions
  6. I find it easy to explain things to others
  7. I enjoy keeping a written journal and / or writing stories and articles
  8. I like to read a lot
  9. I spell well
  10. I like telling stories
  11. I like giving presentations
  12. I like leading discussions. I always have something to say and enjoy talking.
  13. I like or would enjoy conducting an interview
  14. I would love to create a talk show program for radio or TV
  15. When driving or in a car, I pay more attention to signs, billboards and anything written versus scenery


  1. I understand color combinations and what colors work well together.
  2. I enjoy solving jigsaw, maze and/or other visual puzzles
  3. I read charts and maps easily
  4. I have a good sense of direction
  5. I like to watch the scenes and activities in movies
  6. I am observant. I often see things that others miss.
  7. I can anticipate the moves and consequences in a game plan (i.e. hockey sense, chess sense)
  8. I can picture scenes in my head when I remember things.
  9. I can remember faces even though I have a hard time remembering names
  10. I like using technology, such as computers
  11. I like and am fairly good at producing various art forms such as illustrations, drawings, sketches, paintings and sculpture
  12. I see clear visual images of what I am thinking or hearing when I close my eyes.
  13. I like taking pictures
  14. I like making a collage of pictures
  15. I find it easier to learn when I can see and observe


  1. I often play music in my mind
  2. My mood changes when I listen to music
  3. It is easy for me to follow the beat of the music
  4. I can pick out different instruments when I listen to a piece of music
  5. I keep time when music is playing
  6. I can hear an off-key note
  7. I find it easy to engage in musical activities
  8. I can remember pieces of music easily
  9. I can “read” people easily
  10. I am not easily misled
  11. I can easily “read between the lines”
  12. I can feel when the mood changes in the room
  13. I pick up easily on the feelings of others
  14. I find myself listening and responding to a variety of sounds including the human voice, environmental sounds, sounds in nature and music
  15. I find it easy to pick up the nuances in someone’s speech, for example, whether he or she is sarcastic, angry, irritated or worried.


  1. I can sense the moods and feelings of others
  2. I work best when interacting with people
  3. I enjoy team sports rather than individual sports
  4. I find it easy to council and guide people
  5. I prefer group activities rather than ones I do alone
  6. I am able to assume different roles in a group (from the follower to the leader)
  7. I enjoy social events like parties
  8. I enjoy sharing my ideas and feelings with others
  9. I like to influence the opinions and/or actions of others
  10. I prefer to lead rather than follow in a group
  11. I can easily adapt my behavior and conversations to different groups and environments
  12. I find it easy to tune into the needs of others
  13. I like to have people around me a lot
  14. I keep good friendships for many years
  15. I form friendships easily


  1. I work best in an organized work area
  2. I enjoy mathematical formulas and using numbers
  3. I keep a “things to do” list
  4. I enjoy playing brain teasers and logic puzzles
  5. I like to ask “why” questions
  6. I work best when I have a day planner or timetable
  7. I quickly grasp cause and effect relationships
  8. I always do things one step at a time
  9. I like designing and conducting experiments
  10. I enjoy problem-solving
  11. New developments in science, technology, and nature interest me
  12. I like rational explanations for everything
  13. I like planning
  14. I am immediately aware of logical flaws in a person’s argument or conversation
  15. I like building puzzles


  1. I like to move, tap or fidget when sitting
  2. I enjoy participating in active sports
  3. I am curious as to how things feel and I tend to touch objects and examine their texture
  4. I am well co-ordinated
  5. I like working with my hands
  6. I prefer to be physically involved rather than sitting and watching
  7. I understand best by doing (i.e. touching, moving, and interacting)
  8. I like to think through problems while I walk or run
  9. I enjoy field trips and going places
  10. I notice when people have not color-coordinated their clothes, fabrics, or styles correctly
  11. I like symmetry in a room, for example, if I put a potted plants on one side of a couch then I like to see another potted plant on the other side.
  12. I am aware of and concerned about my physical health so I exercise regularly and try to eat a healthy, balanced diet.
  13. I am good at activities involving my hands, like sewing, woodcarving, pottery, etc.
  14. I enjoy participating in plays
  15. I find it difficult to sit still for long periods of time, especially in a classroom environment.


  1. I know myself well
  2. I have a few close friends
  3. i have strong opinions about controversial issues
  4. I work best when the activity is self-paced
  5. I am not easily influenced by other people
  6. I have a good understanding of my feelings and how I will react to situations
  7. I often raise questions concerning values and beliefs
  8. I enjoy working on my own
  9. I enjoy receiving feedback on my efforts
  10. I love writing journal entries
  11. I am motivated to set goals for myself and achieve them
  12. I do not need people around me all the time
  13. I am very aware of my emotions
  14. I am easily able to express how I feel in detail
  15. I am a deep thinker – I am very curious about the deep issues of life and love to ponder their meaning and relevance.

Now that you have finished the quiz, CLICK HERE for the Information on how to evaluate your answers.