October Retreat – Pre Info #1

The October retreat is just around the corner and excitement is building at the campsite!!!

I created a quick 2-minute video to share some thoughts and information to prepare you for this retreat.

Free Gift for you

I have created this free download.

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I crafted (3) CRE8 REMINDERS© that you can cut apart and use in journals, or place around as daily reminders to fill your thoughts with positive, powerful intentions. DONE IN BLACK AND WHITE SO YOU CAN ADD YOUR OWN COLOR.

Want to encourage a friend to join you at this retreat? Here are the links to the pages so they can register and pay.

Please let them know that to be completely enrolled for the retreat, they must finish the two steps.

  • Fill in their name and email on the registration page
  • Purchase the ticket through the PayPal button on the second page that they are redirected to. They will then receive the passcode for the camp.

Info and Registration page – Click Here

Purchase your ticket and receive the passcode page – Click Here