Note to My Daughters – A Meditation

 Each morning as I awake, and get ready to take on a new and glorious day. I focus on a meditation; an inspiration that reminds me to celebrate life and block the unrelenting expectations of an ever demanding, self-centered world.  My ability to hold strong, to the feeling of individual freedom comes from appreciating my own differences.  Those unique differences in each of us, and the talents and gifts that sets each of us apart from one another.

World’s Expectations

This journey is not always an easy one, and is becoming more challenging.  For each day, the voices of worldly expectations scream out its own opinion of value and self-worth.  Each woman will experience the struggle of breaking free from the demands to measure up against the expectations of this world; therefore, I send out this note to my daughters….

There is not a soul on this earth who has not experienced the fear of expressing themselves in the very nature of who they are created to be. Some have faced the fear of being ridiculed for their personality of being too shy or too outgoing.  Many are taunted for not meeting the expectations of size, looks and intelligence.  And everyone has experienced the fear, that their very best at that moment, will never be enough.        

These thoughts of feeling uncomfortable in ones’ own skin, elicit emotions that halt the mind’s courage to go boldly towards, and beyond one’s dreams and goals.  Each day as you and I attempt to fulfill that basic emotional need for acknowledgment, all attempts of being who we are created to be, stops; if I cave-in and follow the world’s expectations.  Gaining acknowledgment, while being authentic and true to oneself, fills our soul like the rich feeding of nutrients given to a young sapling, warmed by the sun’s rays.

Cookie Cutter

Yet if we fall short in our ability to be true to our self, then authenticity is overshadowed by the standards of what the world expects… a certain weight, hair, makeup, and a personality style becomes top priority to get noticed and accepted.  You quickly fine that to qualify in this social club, you must be involved in all that the world can offer, ready and willing to step into the cookie cutter mold of others expectations.

I ask myself, “why can an emotional need have such a strong pull?”  “And what is the power behind this need for Significance and Acknowledgement, that draws humans to try desperately to meet the qualification; only to fail miserably trying?”  The first thought that comes to my mind is the payoff one feels when the need is actually achieved.  There is a great feeling of being supported.  There is the deep emotional reward that comes from knowing you are contributing and have meaning.  And all of these culminate into a stronger sense of importance.

No matter how tempting one finds the promise of praise and accolades offered by living by the world’s standards, the result is short lived.  Living this artificial life, one can never find the fulfillment of feeling significant and acknowledged, by a constant choice of meeting the world’s expectations over God’s desire and plan for you.

 Recently I heard this statement, “You are one generation away from Deity”.  Those words caught my attention and I had to stop and ponder.  As I thought about what I had just heard, I began to realize the truth of that statement.  I always knew I am a child of God.  But I had not made that direct link, because my mind always took the path of parent to grandparent and so on.  Now the picture in my mind became more focused.  I came from Heaven with all my gifts and talents, straight to my birth parents.

I was created to be unique, an individual, not a clone built through the expectations of this world.  I am here to live and experience this life my way, which is, and will be different than anyone else.  Having this understanding and knowledge is what gives me significance, purpose and meaning, a sense of importance, and direction.


So, for you my daughters, I have compiled a Meditation to remind you of your Divine Capacities.  These are specific words and phrases arranged together, creating a power statement intended to combat feelings of inferiority, and inability to meet a higher standard.  A meditation to build your minds vitality; strong, courageous and free to show up in life being YOU, and confident in knowing that is enough.

“My individual worth came from heaven. When I came to earth I brought my divine nature. I can and will be myself, even if in opposition of matching the worldly stereotype, of what a beautiful, dynamic woman should be.
I am so much more than that!! I am kind-hearted, fearless, ambitious, creative, beautiful, and oh so worth worthwhile. I am being the daughter of God… the woman of faith that I am meant to be.
I am no longer blinded by the media, nor decided by my peers.
I have a tailored individual plan for me, co-created by Heavenly Father, that will grant me the desired growth and learning that I seek.
He created me to be Happy and find Joy in the simple everyday moments.
And even when the unrelenting voices of the world keeps calling and judging, I stand firm on the foundation offered me by Christ.  A foundational understanding that no adopted attitude can pull me down to believe less in myself.  And that no thought can have power over me; because of the rock and sure foundation on which I choose to stand
I am grateful for the deeper understanding of my eternal worth, as expressed through God’s gift of His Son. I am grateful for women who choose to live a life that’s inspired. Their example can lift me in my weak moments.
I am grateful for this life, for the miracle of my mind, my body, and for the divinity within me.
And with all these gifts I choose to be a joyful, explorer of this day, committed to living fully with integrity.”

With love, Mom

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