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The Comfort CD was created to bring recognition to the emotions of loss and grief.  Words alone do not fully describe the pain that one feels, and it is for this reason that Comfort was created.

The first piece of the Comfort CD, titled Pavann, was recorded by my husband shortly after the death of our teenage daughter.  It was his way of expressing those deep feelings of grief.

Music has the power to pass through all barriers, reaching into the heart and acknowledging painful emotions.  As the frequencies of notes envelop the soul, one begins to feel a recognition offered by the music as if to state, “this is how I feel”.

Each piece has been placed in a specific order offering an opportunity to bring the body back to a comforted, peaceful state, depending on the intent of the individual.  As one continues to listen to the CD, the body is given tools that will help lift the emotions as the individual is ready.

Comfort is a CD that brings welcome relief to the lower frequencies known as doubt, despair, depression, loss, grief, and so on. Listening to this music has been known to be comforting after a particularly stressful day or situation.

The music chosen and placed in this cd, is done specifically for the purpose of creating an avenue for releasing stress and establishing a sense of peace and comfort.  The music is designed to lift low emotional frequencies which could lend themselves to attitudes of frustration, anger, depression, lack of worth, and so forth..
Each track has a specific purpose, and is placed in a designed order, in an attempt to address the emotions felt.  Because the body is made up of different vibrations, which form frequencies of an overall energetic body, each part of our being responds to certain notes and sounds.  In this cd, because of the arrangement of tones, 3 tracks from the Serene Tones Cd are incorporated.  This is because of their ability to masterfully resonate, quickly, precisely and directly, to a specific energetic areas of the body, and then working as a whole, offer a release of stress.
It is human nature to isolate things and look at them individually.  One could easily think, that what they have, is a repeat of music.  Disappointment might be their first response, just as if they were to look at a piece of art and isolate the colors by saying, “Look they used red, yellow & blue in this one again”, missing the emotional connection created by the whole piece.
The transformation happens, as one  stands back and looks at the piece as a whole.  This knowledge and understanding,  empowers an individual to look at the cd as it was created to be; not just an ordinary album with isolated tracks, but rather an inspired, orchestrated avenue, for the comforting of emotion and releasing of stress.
Music has the ability to open the mind, offer a tonal match, and then guide the lower frequencies to a higher vibration.  This process is what brings about a sense of peace and comfort.  Therefore, Comfort is not just another album where one would address each piece as a separate tune or song, but rather a stress releasing tool to be played in its totality with the intent to create a healing atmosphere.
The sounds of music act as a conduit for the energy of the body to tune itself, similar to the tuning forks used with an instrument.  Each note and each piece is beautiful on its own; but when played in an specific orchestrated order, a door becomes unlocked, giving the individual greater control of their own health and emotional state.
It is through the particular frequency of the different pieces of music, that one develops a connection to the undesired emotion. As this connection is made, one feels a sense of acknowledgment to these indescribable feelings which opens a path way for relief. It is through the specific placement of each piece that the natural frequencies of the body are brought back into balance creating comfort and a more peaceful state of mind

What to Expect;

This CD lasts about 30 minutes and provides an avenue of release for pressures of daily situations. Using a deep breathing technique or EFT tapping may help to lift and clear tension and stress more quickly while focusing on pulling oxygen and light back into the body. In the case of grief and deep loss there will be a need to play the CD throughout the coming months to help provide a sense of understanding and eventually renewing of self.

Note: A consistent practice of clearing heavy daily stress may prove helpful to keep these stronger emotions from becoming overwhelming or even from showing back up. This CD has worked well with children having a difficult time expressing emotion or out of control emotions. It partners well with Serene Tones




4fbf201aa9d0c1c9d37a66870d2a6e30_onhi_nany Purchase as a digital download

Purchase first track (Pavanne)  OR,  the whole Cd as a digital download.

To purchase first track (Pavann) as a digital download $2.99




  Purchase all 8 Tracks of the Comfort Cd Digitally for $19.99




Cathy I wanted to thank you again for the Comfort CD. I keep it in the car and listen to it every day. I find it’s a great piece for when I’m praying! Please thank your husband for me as well, it has been such a special blessing.   Sherie Smith


I came home from an extremely hard day at work, put on this Cd, sat in my easy chair and allowed my self to clear the hardships of the day.  I took deep breaths in through my nose and breathed out slowly as the tears slowly streamed down my face.  Once I had allowed my mind and body to process this emotional burden I felt relaxed and ready to carry on with the day.  Thanks for your gift.   KC


I, myself, have used this cd to process through the grieving of our daughter who was killed in a car accident.  No words could reach into my soul so deeply and acknowledge the pain I felt then the power of this music.  It has truly blessed my life.  Cathy Freeman

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