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Not all music is created equal

Listening to music that is familiar may be relaxing on the surface, however, by keeping the mind engaged to the familiar words and catchy beat, you are keeping the mind’s beta-waves (our thinking mode) engaged.


You are unable to truly relax, because your mind is still in a thinking mode.

True Relaxation

If you were to pick an unfamiliar piece of music, the beta-waves would begin to lower simply because there is nothing for them to do. The sound is unfamiliar and there is nothing to grab the minds attention, so the alpha waves are not allowed to kick-in, creating a period of true relaxation.

Music uses a process of Entrainment

A Dutch Scientist, Christian Huygens in 1665 discovered a term called Entrainment while working on the design of the pendulum clock. He discovered that when he placed two clocks on the wall next to each other and swung the pendulums at different rates, they eventually started swinging at the same rate. They entrained to each other. The same thing will happen when you hit one tuning fork, and a second, identical tuning fork standing close-by, will begin to vibrate, because each fork vibrates at the same pitch, creating the same sound.

Music is simply a vibration of frequencies that create a sound.

The cd Comfort could be classified as entrainment music because it has the potential to connect or resonate with the listener’s feelings,
as the mind hears the sounds, recognition is given to emotions transforming the negative feelings into positive.

The vibrational frequencies of sound provide a path towards relaxation.
I have had a really bad day, sat down in an easy chair and just allowed myself to relax to the music. In no time my breathing has changed, my muscles have relaxed and I feel a sense of relief.

Why? Because Comfort was written with the ability to match those exhausted, frustrated, tired feelings (frequencies), and entrain the mind to raise those thoughts to something more productive .  

Every time you listen to this type of music your body is reminded of the ability and power to let-go and create something different.

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