More about Stress….

Stress is an emotion that is generated from perceptions and thoughts about a situation.  Most of the time an individual is not consciously aware of these negative, frustrating perceptions. But, the uneasy feelings begin to rob them of energy, motivation and the ability to create positive forward-moving decisions in their mind.  

The solution is not an Energy drink or another substance to numb the troubling feelings, but rather a conscious effort is given to flood the mind with words and thoughts that are uplifting, reassuring and positive.  

The goal is to help the brain fire off signals throughout the neurons that will eventually rewire the thought pattern in more of a positive thinking direction. Taking a few moments throughout the day to refocus your mind by pondering on powerful positive thoughts will improve the brain’s function. Your attitude will change as your thought patterns change.

Create a daily routine of choosing a strong, healthy thought to focus on and then ask our Father in Heaven to magnify your efforts so that you can counteract and remove feelings of negativity, anxiety, and despair.