Monday’s Motivation

Also known as Monday’s Mindset, Motivation and Doodle

Hi I’m Cathy. My art journals are filled not only with art, but also with written expressions that influence and help change my emotional state. I refer to this practice as Visual Storytelling.

Words have the power to influence our mindset and fuel our level of positivity…if we will meditate (think) on them.

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Here’s a sample journal page doodle. This was create in our Monday’s Motivation class. On the FIRST Monday of the month I send out a new journal prompt to encourage a motivated mindset for the month. I also meet live with the group to create a piece of art to go along with these prompts. I always record these meetings for those who cannot attend at the scheduled time.

Do you feel uncomfortable working with paints? I have added a video that I did last year to show you a fun alternative. This page is done completely with decorative papers. You do not have to do exactly what I do…you can use your own creative ideas to create your own art for these journal pages