Monday’s Mindset, Meditation & Doodle

Hi I’m Cathy. My art journals are filled not only with art, but also with written expressions that influence and help change my emotional state. I refer to this practice as Visual Storytelling.

Words have the power to influence our mindset and fuel our level of positivity…if we will meditate (think) on them.

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Here’s a few journal prompts for this doodle…

Direct your Mindset by Asking yourself…

“What area in my life am I ready for growth?” Journal about it.

Meditate on:

Love blooms in my soul“, thinking of the inspiration that you have just journaled about. How will you take action to nurture the new growth?


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Uncomfortable working with paints? I have added a video that I did last year to show you a fun alternative. This page is done completely with decorative papers.