Stop the Mundane Repeat of Last Year, Make Life an Exciting Adventure.

Does your life feel like a mundane repeat of last year, rather than an exciting adventure of wonderful accomplishments?  The answer is in your routine.

It’s true that you may not always be able to change every situation, but you can easily create the changes that will make a BIG Difference in your world.  The question is HOW?  By strategic planning and putting a consistent routine in place.

Let me share an example of strategic planning and routine.  

Why is the game of Bowling a challenge?  Well the challenge is created by placing the pins in a consistent place that is a certain distance apart.  

The game would lose it’s challenge if the pins are placed one inch closer, or one inch further apart.  By placing them one inch closer, you would be able to bowl a strike every time.  If you placed them one inch further apart, you will never get a strike.  The exact placement is what creates the challenge, and that is what keeps people coming back to play the game over and over.  

Strategic planning is the key ingredient that aligns your attitude and motivation, with greater action for success.  

What keeps your motivation high is your routine.

Create a daily discipline that will

stimulate courage, enthusiasm, and belief

in your success.


A Winning Routine – 3 key steps to change.  Stop repeating the same 365 when there’s so much more to be, do, experience, and achieve! 


Step 1

  •  Create your REALity – how you view your situations, people and events.  Decide that you are going to be 100% responsible for how you feel…..not the “heavy” kind of responsible, rather that you are “Response-ABLE“.  That means that you take action to create the response and reaction to situations and people that make up your day.

 Your perception creates emotions, and the quickest way to direct those emotions is through the Cre8 Reminders©.  By redirecting your thinking, situations that once caused you stress, no longer do.  

Have you ever felt frustration with someone at work?  I’m sure you have.  Often times their lack of follow through gives you the impression that they do not respect or honor your efforts.  Here is a Cre8 Reminder© that was created by a client to address this very issue in her mind.


Being pro-active to change your perceptions is what changes your responses to situations, and to people. You will find that you will save more of your creative energy to be used in the direction that Inspires YOU more.

Step 2

  •  Take POSITIVE action.  


  • Create a routine, and a plan that will direct your efforts to focus on the vision of where you want to go. 

Creating a positive plan will set off a chain reaction of energy, courage, and stamina.  Thus, creating momentum for the direction you want to go.  BIG dreams and goals are Daily routineachieved with a positive plan.

What was I waiting for?



Step 3

  • Gratitude for the CHANGE.   Having gratitude for the slightest change in what you are thinking and seeing in your mind, will create a ripple effect that will expand out into every aspect of your life.

Don’t go another day repeating yesterdays struggles and problems.  

Albert Einstein once said,

“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”



The Saying Goes…”An Ounce of Prevention is WORTH a Pound of Cure.”

For those who have experienced an overly active mind that obsesses over thoughts and worries, who might have struggled with procrastination, perfectionism, a loss of energy  and creativity; you will appreciate the simple, quick approach of Real Positive Change™.  Daily prevention keeps you on the road of success.

Decide today to create a life that is better than good…

Decide to make it Great!


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