Jessica Baker – Girls Camp

A picture made of words.

We were given a beautiful picture of the Savior at the passing of our daughter Aimee. The COOL THING ABOUT THIS PIECE OF ART is that there are NO lines. It is completely created with words. It is actually the verses from John in the Bible. It is huge! We have it hanging over our fireplace so it can be seen every day.

Fill In the Picture

Fill in the image by writing Your Favorite Verses of scriptures about the Savior (Click on Image and download, then print)

2 Examples:

Doodle a Postcard


  • Water colors
  • Round tip brush, #10 & a fine tip
  • Permanent marker (fine tip and a Regular tip for quote)

Use a 9×12 piece of Mixed Media or Watercolor paper.

Start by:

Taping off the edges around the paper with painters tape.

Next, write the main quote “Our words can promote growth….” on the page. Then start the video and you will be directed as to what to do next.

Beautiful Quote

For instructions on this project click here