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DIY Relaxation to STOP the war on your HEALTH, and causing Anxiety

I am a firm believer in self care and DIY relaxation. Le’t me share an experience I recently had that helped to validate one more time how important it is to take time each day for ourselves.

Just the other day I sat listening to a fellow business owner describe to me how work was taking a toll on her health. She had been experiencing headaches, and extreme fatigue for some time; however, now she has started having anxiety attacks. She said, “I never realized the impact stress had on my health, until now.”

real positive

What is Really Happening?

Your body is hardwired to protect you from anything that induces stress. It releases a surge of hormones, including adrenaline and cortisol as an alarm system to enable you to handle what appears to be the threat.

After the hormone is released, and the perceived stress is eliminated, the body is designed to go back to it’s normal functions and duties. However, when your life is filled with constant stressors that are always present, such as a heavy workload, bills, and the cares of raising a family, your mind may feel as if it is under constant attack, and the fight-or-flight reaction can stay turned on.

Bottom line……This prolong pressure can alter the immune system responses, and suppresses the digestive system, as well as other processes. You may feel a loss of motivation, and that your emotional state is out of control as you battle fear, depression, and anxiety.

A Mayo Clinic report listed these symptoms caused by prolong exposure to cortisol :

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Digestive problems
  • Headaches
  • Heart disease
  • Sleep problems
  • Weight gain
  • Memory and concentration impairment

Stress Is An Inside Job

Stress does not come from outward sources only, it can be inside job. Let me explain. Stress can simply be induced by the thoughts and perceptions you hear coming from your Inner Critic. These messages fill your mind with a constant flow of negative statements. The constant flow of critical perceptions can keep you in an alarm state that feels like you are building up pressure similar to a steaming kettle on the stove.

Stopping stress, starts by addressing the thought or perception. You do this by asking the question, “Is this thought, truth for me right now?” “Is it a thought that encourages peace and wellness, or frustration, or fear?” The ability to determine the emotional direction that your thought is taking you, becomes your first step to creating a change, and getting back on track to wellness.

I created The Artisan’s Journey to teach you how to silence, and give you steps to guard yourself from your inner critic. 

Key Point: A thought that is established, becomes a neuro-pathway in your brain. The more you focus on that thought the denser the neuro-pathway becomes. So if your thoughts are filled with worry and fear, you are hardwiring your brain with these toxic thoughts.

How Do I Change that?

REALizing where you are and what is happening, that is the first step. This step allows you to Unplug from the pattern of thinking that is driving the stress.

Creating a POSITIVE pattern of thought that allows you to Reset and start over. The goal is to build a healthier reaction, so that you feel recharged and renewed.

To CHANGE is to allow yourself to Improve. To trust in God’s grace, and to keep trying and working at the process, until you Create… Your Healthiest YOU!

Cre8 Reminders© was designed to assist in the process of creating a new mindset about situations you face in life. The more you focus on a new statement, that you created from Cre8 Reminders©, a stronger neuro-pathway, (thought pattern) begins to form and strengthen. You now are in control of your stress level, because you are choosing to take control of your reactions.

I have found that the more I use this process, the more automatic my positive response becomes. I am developing a new “Go-to”, healthy reaction for the next time I come face to face with a similar stressful situation.

DIY Relaxation is the Key

Giving yourself moments to stop, regroup, and to relax is the key. The process Cre8 Reminders© is designed to do. The process helps you address any thought that triggers stress. You take the step to unplug from the negative perception which helps you to relax and feel recharged. Then you are capable of improving your state of mind, to a new, healthy pattern of thought.

I created The Artisan’s Journey to teach you how to silence, and guard yourself from your inner critic. 

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I will teach you the steps to create a routine. I have taught this routine for the past 10 years to my clients, to help them successfully transform worry, stress, and anxiety into greater peace, and motivation for accomplishing their dreams.

Begin now to create a “Healthier You” through these creative ways of reacting to stress.

Your new life awaits as you make a Real Positive Change.

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