Guide Their Mind

Video-Blocks-2_99636363-141Going up to tuck my little girls to bed…(well 14 and 11 are still little to me).  I sat down next to my 11-year-old.  She is the personality who strives for perfection, straight A’s, extremely sensitive, etc.  She is also the one who struggles with moments of anxiety because of the need to do and be perfect.  She is my sweetheart.

You know, we learn as we grow and it has taken me raising six children to realize that “all this stuff”,  meaning the perfection that creates worry, anxiety and even fear is not that important.  Yet, you can’t tell another person that.  They must figure it out on their own.  Yet, I have learned that miracles occur when I live by example.

Way too often I see myself, as I use to be, in this child (although I was never straight A…Probably because I was not learning from my perfect learning style).  Anyway,  I understand her struggles and strive to teach her what I have learned.  But, this night as I sat on her bed and just “felt” the worry, stress, and concern of what she was thinking.  Her trepidation of getting sick if she didn’t prop herself up in bed a certain way.  I quickly realized that this little Angel was in need of feeling nurtured and that her “emotional pull”, drawing her away from Value, was now under attack.

As I gently placed my hands on her cheeks and looking lovingly into her eyes, I started to speak words that spoke to her soul of her worth.  Words whose frequency would radiate a feeling of value.  Words like, “You are doing such a good job!”, “You are going to make it”,  “You are so precious”, “You always know the right thing to do”,  “You are safe”, etc.

Words that had the strength and power to wrap around her like a warm, fuzzy blanket.  Speaking to her of being honored, nurture, feeling treasured,…Energetic words that create a feeling of Value.

Within seconds her body relaxed, her face brightened and she took a deep, relaxing breath.  “Thanks, Mom, I love you.”

Lady’s, there are children out there who need our encouragement, people who need our love.  It is not always the words we speak that are the most important, but the feeling that we radiate out.  You know, the feeling, that gentle touch of thought that someone, or something matters.

Give these words to them while they are young; for these are the seeds, the building blocks, that will flourish through their mind long after they are grown.

You can not speak something to the depth and power that creates life if it is not a truth for you.  What are your inner thoughts? You know the patterns of thinking that create action in one’s daily life. Clean the mirror, so to speak.  Create a beautiful mind, a clear, healthy mind.

Our thoughts are not hidden.  We broadcast loud and clear what we think.  Remember, each thought vibrates.  You are much like a transmitter, giving and receiving. So touch them with your mind, guide them gently with your thoughts.  Help them to feel that they matter and to recognize their great value.

Remember to Live Real, Stay Positively Focused and Be the Change that makes a difference in the world!