4 Tips to Lose Belly Fat and Stop Weight Gain

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STOP this Weight Train, I want to get off!!!   I’ ready to LOSE this belly fat.

Tired of the extra weight gain?  I not talking about the fluctuation of up and down of the numbers on the scale.  I am talking about that weight that changes ones hour-glass shape, to the relentless feel of a spare tire; yes, belly fat.  Research is finding that the #1 cause of weight gain is STRESS.

There are alot of different factors, but the one contributor that we all have in common is stress.  Research has made the facts connected to stress being a major cause of weight gain very clear, and I am ready to share information on what can be done about it.

Why stress causes weight gain?

No one is immune or exempt from stress, we deal with stressful moments everyday.   When stress begins to affect our weight is when the stress is carried for a long period of time.  Extended stress carries a triple negative effect such as…..

  1.  Appetite increases as well as the motivation to over eat.
  2. Causes the body to hold on to the fat
  3. impedes with our willpower to engage in a healthy life style.

When our brain begins to perceive something to be some type of threat, anything from a scary spider, an angry person, or even our bills and credit card debt mounting up, the body prepares by triggering an outpouring of chemicals, which include Adrenaline, CRH, & Cortisol to prepare for a response of fight or flight.  As the body gets ready for action the blood flows away from the internal organs and goes to the body’s large muscles in preparation to respond causing our hunger to diminish.

What is the effect of long periods of stress?

Sara Gottfried, MD, author of The Hormone Reset Diet, calls cortisol the “control system” for hormones. “It’s getting your blood pressure up only when it needs to be up,” she explains. “It raises your blood sugar only when you most need it. It modulates your immune system.”

When  stress persists over a long period of time, the adrenal gland releases cortisol.  The intent is to ramp up our motivation; however, this also includes the motivation to eat and now our appetite increases.

Typically when a stressful episode is over, the cortisol levels should fall bringing everything back to normal.  However, when the stress doesn’t go away, cortisol may stay elevated.  Often times this is  a result caused by too much coffee, a lack of carbs throughout the day, or an intensive focus on schedules.

Early Warning Signs:

Two early warning signs that a person has become supper charged, or the stress response could possibly be getting stuck in the “on” position is:

  1. catching more colds
  2. having a shorter emotional fuse.”

Can Stress cause weight gain and bloating?

Believe it or not, that bloated feeling in your stomach could be caused by stress. Stress itself puts a great deal of pressure on your stomach and abdomen, and upsets hormone and neurotransmitter balance.  While stress is doing its number on your stomach, Anxiety is busy shutting down a part of the brain that handles digesting foods.  Pour digestion is a bigger problem than just an upset stomach that your try to sooth with “pink liquid”.  Doctors have said that disease starts in the gut.


Can belly fat come from stress?

Seriously high levels of cortisol can lead to a series of changes in the body that make you gain belly fat.  Belly fat acts as an endocrine organ.  This fat releases chemicals triggering inflammation, increasing your chance of heart disease, diabetes and other diseases.

How To Lose Belly Fat in 1 Week. You ask, “Is that Possible?”

Trainer and Nutritionists have come up with ways to lose belly fat in 1 week.  With  commitment and focus effort you can transform yourself to a flatter tummy, feel healthy and have more energy.  What they teach as far as you achieving your desired change, depends a great deal on what you do during your morning and evening rituals

  1. Lemon Water – I use real lemons.  Slice lemon in half and juice both halves of the lemon into a drinking glass.  Add water (some say warm), stir, and drink.  (I drink it first thing in the morning because it has been proven to cleanse the body’s system, as well as effectively detoxify and burn fat around the belly.)
  2. Stay hydrated – we have been told to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day.  This fluid helps flush out the fat.  Often times that simple feeling of hunger is really the body sending a message that it needs more water.  When I drink the water, hunger is gone.   Often times people say that they do not like to drink water.  In my Cooper training, we were taught that drinking something other than water, to get our 8 glasses of fluid, would not give us the same health benefit.   I learned that when we drink something other than water, the body perceives it as food and responds to it differently.  Our body uses water in all of its tissues, organs, and cells to help regulate temperature and maintain other bodily functions.  Re-hydrating is so important because we lose water through sweating, digestion, and even breathing. Most of the time remembering to drink enough water is the problem.  We all get  busy and forget.  So I like to pack with me something that is fun and easy to carry, such as this.
  3. Be active and get fresh air – jogging or walking first thing in the morning sends oxygen to your brain and muscles, jump starts your metabolism, and  wakes up your senses.  By the time you eat your first meal you will burn more calories faster.  10,000 steps is the minimum to burning calories effectively.  Doing some type of exercise fast for 10 minutes and then slowing it down for another 10 to 12 minutes is effective for burning fat.  (Always consult your doctor before you start any type of exercise plan)
  4. Stretches and Yoga poses such as the plank are very effective because the focus on the muscles in the core of your body.  Strong muscles will burn fat faster.

These are suggestions made by trainers to help lose belly fat, but also take good care to address your moods and emotional state.  A change in ones attitude and the way that a situation is being perceived plays just as important, and equal part  in losing weight as do food and exercise.

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A study conducted at Yale suggests.

 “We also found that women with greater abdominal fat had more negative moods and higher levels of life stress,” said Elissa S. Epel, Ph.D., lead investigator on the study she conducted while at Yale’s psychology department. “Greater exposure to life stress or psychological vulnerability to stress may explain their enhanced cortisol reactivity. In turn, their cortisol exposure may have led them to accumulate greater abdominal fat.”


How to lose stress weight

First and for most….Cut the Sugar.   Eat healthy fats like Olive oil, avocados, nuts.  If your not using calcium, begin and here is why….

Calcium:  When your body is low on calcium, it produces a hormone that signals the body to store visceral fat. Meeting your recommended daily calcium needs (that’s 1,000 milligrams for adults) can help reduce levels of this hormone


More Tips

First of all examine your schedule.  Are you constantly stressed over projects or deadlines?

  1. Plan out your projects giving enough time to finish before the actual deadline.
  2. Start projects earlier so to avoid the stress of cramming to meet a deadline.
  3. Reorganize your day so that you can get more done in the morning when your body has created cortisol to aid in the accomplishing of tasks.
  4. Make time for breaks.
  5. Eat slowly and enjoy your time for lunch.
  6. Do deep breathing and relaxation exercises
  7. When not working do something that you enjoy
  8. Get enough sleep (7-9 hours).. Turn of electronics
  9. Eat the right food.  Foods rich in Vitamin C (Studies have found that a diet deficient in Vitamin C can increase levels of Cortisol)
  10. Never skip breakfast


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