Forget Me Not

The “Forget-Me-Not ” packet

Do you have a loved one who is feeling isolated and lonely and could use a boost of positivity in their life?

People can be surrounded by people, yet feel isolated and very lonely.

“Forget-Me-Not” is a tangible product that is delivered to you each month. It is a wonderful alternative to those who are unable to participate in the “Positive Motivation by Design” program.

The “Forget-Me-Not” Monthly packet

I design the “Forget-Me-Not” to meet the need of feeling acknowledged and remembered.

I am on a mission to inspire people to feel more hope and motivation each and every day. The Forget-Me-Not Monthly packet will arrive each month with motivational statements to direct the mind in a positive direction.  

 Here is a sample of the “Forget-Me-Not” March’s kit.

What does the kit include each month?

You will receive as a subscribed member a new kit each month

  • The kit will contain (4) positive, personal affirmations. This will give you a new statement to read and ponder on as you begin a new week during the month.
  • Also included… You will get a fun decorative magnet in the kit each month to help hold that month’s new statements on your fridge so that you will be able to see and repeat them often.

This is a monthly subscription program that you can cancel at any time. Each month you will be automatically billed, but you can click the UNSUBSCRIBE button below and stop your service at any time. You will only be billed for the month that we are currently in.

Am I expected to pay for an extended length of time?

NO! This service is not a long contract. I have set the “Forget-Me-Not” program up as a monthly subscription. Rather than paying for a whole year, you can pay one month at a time. And when you feel that you may not need the service anymore, you simply send me an email, contact me by phone the month before you wish to end the service and I will happily cancel your service. I do not offer refunds for this service and I do require a month notice to cancel because of the constructing of the physical product. 

The “Forget-Me-Not” kit is only $30.00 a month which also includes delivery costs. A tax charge of $2.48 is included in the product price because it is a physical product.

The total cost of the “Forget-Me-Not” kit is $32.48. Your account will be automatically charged each month.

Want to stop your service? Click the UNSUBSCRIBE button. You will be taken to your PayPal account where you can delete the product.

I would rather pay for (6) months and not have a monthly charge.

Pay upfront for (6) months at a time for this service and skip the recurring monthly charge.

Cost for (6) months = $180.00 plus tax for a total of $194.85

There are times when recognizing what subconscious thoughts are creating the conflict and sabotaging one’s efforts.  That is when one-on-one coaching can help create quicker change.  Either way, daily focused effort is the key to keeping the mind on a positive track and will bring greater wellness that prevents stress and illness.

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