Finding Strength in Your Roots

Diane Rogers has been a life-long friend. I remember 30 years ago going with her to the library in downtown Dallas to verify names on my family tree. She was quick and made it so simple. Now, with the improvements in our technology and the indexing that as been put on the internet, you can access information from your own home. I contacted Diane and asked her to share a few words on Family History and how it can benefit our health. Her response is below.

“Do you know that being involved in Family History can help with mental and emotional health?

A study was done by Brigham Young University, published in The Journal of Genealogy and Family History and has surprising results indicating that those who participate more in family history work have higher self-esteem, reduced anxiety, and greater resilience.
Researching ancestors has never been easier and so much is now free and on line.

To get started, I recommend going to and create a free account and then start your tree.

The helpful thing with this website is that it is a global tree, so once you reach a few generations back, you may run into an entire pedigree on your family. The catalog on is the largest in the world and the records are constantly being digitized and indexed and everything is free.

If you have a subscription to, you can build a family tree there, as well, and the hints on are incredible for helping to solve problems. If you do not have a subscription, then you can access it for free at a local
FamilySearch center.”

To find one close to you, click on the following link

Get started today and improve your well-being by feeling the strength that comes from discovering your roots!

If you need help getting started, I am happy to help.